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At the moment of birth you look into your child’s eyes and make it your life’s work to provide a perfect life for them.  They learn to walk, to talk, to run, to play and then start school. Never in my life plan for my kid, did the concept that he would be a drug addict, ever enter my mind. 

The catalyst for my sobriety began with a pregnancy test. The poetic irony in that instant was that I – someone who was entirely incapable of showing up for my own life – became someone who must show up for another human being’s life.

Over 30 years ago my wife and I started a journey of discovery. We had all the hopes and dreams of young couples that were firmly entrenched in a moral and just society. Into that simple world was born a son who embodied all our hopes (we did not really understand fear then) and joys of just a few short years of marriage. He grew up happy, inquisitive and very active. As early childhood passed to preteen and teenage years significant changes occurred. The things I did not know would have scared me.

This father's experience with Al Anon began as a way to understand his son's addiction. Al Anon allows him to detach from the disease and helps their bond.

I have three sons all in their 20’s, all pretty good kids, all pretty normal except one who suffers from a not so rare disease…. Drug Addiction.  So how did I come to accept the fact that I would no longer be able to drink a beer with my son at a baseball game, or go shoot a game of pool and grab a drink with him?