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Peace after chaos.  Peace at the holidays.  It has been years since our family felt peace and the excitement of looking forward to family time at the holidays. This year with both of my boys embracing sobriety, we have peace and it feels amazing.

Many family members of alcoholics will do anything to help out. Offering a place to stay or loaning money are a few examples of the ways loving families try to show support. But when is the line from supporting to enabling crossed?

A loved one finally getting sober can be an exciting time for a family that has watched them struggle again and again trying to put their life together. So much so, that parents can be more eager than their children at times, for everything to get ‘back to normal’.

The catalyst for my sobriety began with a pregnancy test. The poetic irony in that instant was that I – someone who was entirely incapable of showing up for my own life – became someone who must show up for another human being’s life.

“Alcoholism and addiction is a family disease”, is a saying that I heard of years ago but didn’t understand what meant, until my family was directly affected by it. Alcoholism as I understand it, is a progressive disease that affects the drinker’s physical as well as their mental well being.