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Many family members of alcoholics will do anything to help out. Offering a place to stay or loaning money are a few examples of the ways loving families try to show support. But when is the line from supporting to enabling crossed?

Over 30 years ago my wife and I started a journey of discovery. We had all the hopes and dreams of young couples that were firmly entrenched in a moral and just society. Into that simple world was born a son who embodied all our hopes (we did not really understand fear then) and joys of just a few short years of marriage. He grew up happy, inquisitive and very active. As early childhood passed to preteen and teenage years significant changes occurred. The things I did not know would have scared me.

Parents hurt their children unknowingly when they enable their behavior as it relates to substance abuse. Enabling an addict is actually hurting them, but it’s important to get an understanding of exactly what enabling looks like. Enabling is any behavior that keeps the addiction going.

We all want to see our loved ones be successful, happy and achieve their goals. This is never more powerful then a parents desire for their children. Who wouldn’t do almost anything to see their child grow into an emotionally well-adjusted adult? Just about every parent I’ve worked with has only the best of intentions for their kids yet many of them are actually setting them up for a harder life as a result of family dynamics and enabling.

One of the instincts that comes with being a parent is the desire to help and protect your child. Most parents will do anything and everything to ensure that their child is happy, healthy and safe.

You have just gone through the battle of fighting active addiction and your kid has decided to get clean and sober. We have compiled a list from various parents of the top ten ways they were able to support their child’s recovery.