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With the rise of prescription painkiller overdoses and deaths in the last 20 years, it’s hard to differentiate just what types of drugs have the potential for abuse. At the top of the laundry list of potentials lie benzodiazepines. But what is it about this category of drugs that makes them so dangerous, and are they truly that beneficial?

“How to tell if my child is high,” is the question many parents are asking. Deanna explains what to look for and how a recovery community can help.

Working in the field of recovery, I am often asked questions surrounding the role parents take on once they successfully help their child enter a recovery program or sober community. What is their role in supporting their child on this new journey?

There are many similarities between alcoholism and addiction, but what are the real differences? Outside of the name, either way both suffer from a hopeless state of body and mind. Even in AA or NA meetings, there is still an unspoken taboo about people who identify as both, especially when they are in ‘closed’ meetings. But when you break down the specific aspects that each of us suffer from, it is more or less the same.

Going to college and starting a career were goals of mine from a very young age. Though much of this has to do with the norms of society as well as guidance from my parents, I made higher education and a career a very personal choice as well. I wanted to expand my knowledge and do something I was proud of. I never had any idea that using drugs could ultimately tear down everything I had spent almost a decade building. But that was exactly what it did.

Prescription drugs are the highest abused illicit substances by teenagers outside of marijuana. The reason for this is not surprising; many of these drugs are available right in the drug cabinet. Prescription painkillers, sedatives and stimulants are all very commonly abused by young people, increasing drug treatment admissions by over 300% over the last 20 years. Below are some of the drugs and dangerous behaviors associated with the pills you can find in your very own home.