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When most people think of organic foods, they think of fruits and veggies; organic produce. However, eating organic milk, meat, and eggs can be even more important for health than eating organic produce. Last week I focused on why eating organic produce is so important for keeping your body healthy, but this week I want to talk about why it's imperative to consume organic animal products like milk and meat.

As much as I can educate others about food, health, fitness, and sobriety and why each facet is (in my opinion) necessary to living the best life possible, at the end of the day each person has to ask themselves a question: "what makes me happy?".

I am so excited to be a part of the team here at Into The Heart of Addiction, and I can't wait to begin this journey to health with all of you! I am incredibly passionate about health and wellness and I love when I can share and help others to live fuller, more vivacious and beautiful lives.