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Parents, could you ever imagine your sweet, smart and popular child coming home after their freshman year of college a drug addict?

Anyone who is new in recovery or just getting sober has probably been given the suggestion to change their “playmates and playgrounds”, in respect to steering clear of the people, places and things that are associated with their past. But for many adolescents and teenagers in recovery, going back to college makes this an incredibly difficult task.

Addictions are all encompassing. When we are active in our addictions, many of us find it hard to manage other areas of our life. And for young people with addictions, that often translates to school.

Schools back in session, and everyone’s talking about the recently released list of Princeton Review’s Top Party Schools. The new buzz is that Syracuse University, in upstate New York has upset the applecart by being the first small, private university to top the list at #1. Syracuse was quick to play down this “non-honor,” citing their qualities as a top-notch academic institution as it’s attraction rather than it’s merrymaking.

Wild college parties are what many students look forward to when attending college, but for many they’re the beginning of the end. When I left home for the first time to attend a prestigious University of California school, I had partying on my mind more than academic opportunities. For me and many other new students, going away to college was the first time that the accountability of living in mom and dad’s house disappeared.