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Over 30 years ago my wife and I started a journey of discovery. We had all the hopes and dreams of young couples that were firmly entrenched in a moral and just society. Into that simple world was born a son who embodied all our hopes (we did not really understand fear then) and joys of just a few short years of marriage. He grew up happy, inquisitive and very active. As early childhood passed to preteen and teenage years significant changes occurred. The things I did not know would have scared me.

I am ashamed to admit that I knew Shane* was using drugs (he rarely drank) for years before I ever took any action or got honest with myself about his addiction to drugs.  I recall Shane smoking pot around 13 years old and I specifically remember telling myself that at least he is only smoking pot, which I convinced myself at the time was the LESSER OF THE EVILS.  It seemed to me that all young people were smoking pot, therefore I justified it in my mind that there was no harm in it, as long as it was pot and nothing else.