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The words ‘codependent’ and ‘codependency’ are thrown around a lot when we talk about alcoholism, especially the family surrounding an alcoholic. But what exactly is codependency and how do you know if you are codependent?

I know this isn't a condition that's commonly discussed. A, because it's so uncomfortable, and B, because I just made it up. Of course, there's lots of talk about "empty nests." But you don't need to be sending a kid off to college to feel that deep, hollow ache of "NOW WHAT?" echoing through your soul.

Young people don’t come into a recovery community of their own volition. As parents we discovered that our son or daughter was out of control, a danger to themselves and others, was wasting their lives away addicted to drugs and alcohol, and was possibly in eminent danger of dying. We had to do something; it’s written in the unwritten code of parenthood.