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Here at Into the Heart of Addiction, we talk a lot about the importance of Al-Anon within the context of many of our articles. But for those of us who are unaware, why exactly is Al-Anon important?

For any frequent reader of this blog, you know that we focus a lot of time and attention dedicated to the family. We believe that educating the family on addiction and their role in an addict’s recovery gives the best chance of success in sobriety. But what exactly is the role of the family in recovery?

Our son is wired differently. And, since we loved him so much, we got caught up in a confusing world of trying to love and parent someone who has addiction issues. In loving him, we didn’t initially understand the need to do things differently.

By Katherine H.

What do you do…when you don’t know what to do? A parent’s natural inclination is to care for their children and help control their surroundings. When a child is in trouble, it is a natural impulse to provide obvious solutions. After all, if you instruct a child to do “A”, then “B”, the outcome will be “C”, right? Not with addicts and alcoholics. No matter what a parent does, the outcome is never “C”. Perhaps for a short time you will have “C”, but soon enough chaos ensues, and parents are at a loss.