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Chemical dependency requires a diagnosis based on a thorough evaluation by a certified professional with a willing participant. You wouldn’t ask a doctor to fix your car, or your repairman for marriage counseling, would you? As ridiculous as that may sound, many people try to do the same in their sobriety when it comes to issues in their personal lives that go beyond drinking and using. Frankly, some people just aren’t qualified to help in areas where someone such as a doctor or a psychiatrist can.
Chemical dependency breaks a parents heart but the heart of the sibling of an addict breaks too.  It is not uncommon in families that siblings will experiment with drugs and alcohol together.  There can be a lot of guilt associated with this scenario when one sibling decides it’s time to stop but the other cannot.  When a sibling spirals out of control, and a brother or sister is left behind to pick up the pieces they experience a tremendous wounding plus survivor’s guilt at being the one who survived the trauma of addiction.