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For many people, getting sober is not just an opportunity to get healthy mentally and spiritually, but physically as well. People that may have never run a single mile or lifted a weight in their lives find a new outlet and oftentimes, passion, in exercise and healthy living.

When we are using and in the midst of our disease, we are so far removed from ourselves that we fail to realize how much damage we do to our bodies. We fail to recognize that we are degrading, deserting, and eroding both our physical body and our spirit.
One of the things that we have to re-learn in recovery is how to be mindful of our bodies and our needs. Over the years of using, we become completely disconnected from our bodies, out of touch and out of tune. We forgo food, sleep, and safety in favor of drugs and alcohol. The issue with being out of touch with ourselves is that we carry this inability to care for bodies into sobriety.