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Have you ever wondered why alcohol was never considered a “gateway drug”? Why it remains legal despite the fact that it has proven to be a source of death-directly and indirectly-year after year? Alcohol is a monster, to be sure, but why is it that we are so accepting of it in modern culture even in the face of the danger it causes?

Alcohol advertising is everywhere. If you get in your car, it’s on a billboard. If you walk into a store, it’s on the walls in neon lettering. Open a newspaper, and there it is on the second page. Access your social media, and you’ll see one every few seconds.

Moderation Management has been around for almost 20 years yet few have heard of it, as it is more or less shrouded in mystery. But lately the program has picked up traction again after a shaky and tumultuous past. What is moderation management and how does it differ from similar recovery programs?

Young people drink for a variety of reasons. While they are in the transition from adolescence to adulthood, children are passing through the dramatic physical and emotional changes of puberty, as well as receiving increased independence and responsibilities.

Outpatient rehab is a very popular path that many individuals take when addressing their drug or alcohol problem. Dealing with addiction on a non-residential basis, being able to continue going to school or work, and gaining regular access to therapists and doctors can be an effective option when it comes to getting help.

When someone you love, be it a sibling, parent, child or other family member, is abusing drugs and alcohol, it can seem like the person that you know and love has completely disappeared. Maybe they were always kind and you now find them vicious and aggressive. Perhaps they were once soft spoken and now they scream obscenities at you. Maybe they are lying to you, or stealing from you or making your life miserable. You know the person that you love is still in there, but how do you deal with an addicted family member when they are using.

One of the most pressing questions that every parent asks themselves at one time or another is, “How do I talk to my kids about drugs and alcohol?” Even though this may seem like an uncomfortable topic of discussion to bring to the table, it is one of the most important.

Overuse of alcohol by a normal guy like Ryan A. resulted in his untimely death. The unintended consequences of alcohol can damage the lives irreparably of even those who do not have an addiction problem. Alcohol can make anyone do things they normally would not do sober. Alcohol can impair anyone’s judgment. Overuse of alcohol during just one occasion by an average person with no addiction issues can alter their life forever, and that’s exactly what it did to Ryan on August 10, 2014.