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New Life House, is a light shining in the darkness for men in need of recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction. It has been my experience (through my son), that the New Life House recovery homes are a place of love, peace and support through a long term program that is 12 step based. It has been said, that “the road of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and from what I can see New Life House is able to navigate the long journey of recovery very well. When my son went into New Life House, he was at an incredibly low point in his life, and needed direction and guidance. He found the support he needed to get and to stay sober in a group of brothers that all shared a similar story and he was able to change his life one day at a time.

When my son entered New Life House and made his 90 day commitment, I had no idea about the commitment we all were making to his New Life.   I was warned not to have expectations of taking my son out to go skiing or take a family trip.  That wasn’t really my worry.  You see, we really didn’t want to schedule family time with him at that time.

Six months ago, I was certain our family was destroyed.  Our 20-year-old son had admitted to us that he couldn’t go a day without drinking, getting high or both. He was admitting himself into a 30-day residential treatment program.  He pleaded with us to understand that he needed, wanted help.  Help that I, his mom, couldn’t give.  How did my begging, yelling, bribing, talking, loving, threatening, bargaining, crying and everything else I had done in the past 20 years not prevent this?

When I first sat down to write this piece, I struggled with the direction I wanted to take.  I thought if I had been asked to write about my experience with my son’s addiction eight months ago, my perspective would have been very different. 

Why drugs?

I've spent much time pondering why two of my three sons became dependent on drugs to get through their day, as they embarked upon their post high school years.