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Help! My child is using heroin! This often-startling discovery is never fun for any parent to uncover, but there are definite and helpful actions that can be taken when faced with this difficult reality. The next question in this scenario is invariably, “What do I do?” The answer is to educate yourself, take action towards getting your child help, and potentially reaching out to an addiction specialist to help navigate through the process.

For the normal person, imbibing one or two drinks per week is never a problem. Then there are those of us who will constantly hear from our friends and family how we need to take a look at our ‘drinking problem.’ In fact, many of us believed that the drinking was exactly the issue and that abstinence, or at least a good shot at moderation, would help fix it.

My time as a New Life House parent gave me so much more than I could have ever expected. I came in emotionally numb and truly not understanding the many facets of Avi’s disease or what my role should be in his recovery. I didn’t have much difficulty letting go: I was playing the tambourine and singing to the Oldies on my way home that first day!