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Parents hurt their children unknowingly when they enable their behavior as it relates to substance abuse. Enabling an addict is actually hurting them, but it’s important to get an understanding of exactly what enabling looks like. Enabling is any behavior that keeps the addiction going.

A lot of us in early recovery are fearful of walking away from things – school, a relationship, a job – in order to take the time necessary to work on ourselves, and our recovery. Addiction doesn’t have any regard for job responsibilities or upcoming midterms though, and a lot of the time the circumstances of our bottom will force us away from these things suddenly and unexpectedly.

Chemical dependency requires a diagnosis based on a thorough evaluation by a certified professional with a willing participant. You wouldn’t ask a doctor to fix your car, or your repairman for marriage counseling, would you? As ridiculous as that may sound, many people try to do the same in their sobriety when it comes to issues in their personal lives that go beyond drinking and using. Frankly, some people just aren’t qualified to help in areas where someone such as a doctor or a psychiatrist can.
On January 2, 2010, Michael’s mom witnessed firsthand what she feared was going on with her son. For months, she was concerned about Michael’s welfare, but Michael wouldn’t open up to her. Concerned, she drove by his apartment and noticed his garage door was left open. Upon entering, she found empty beer bottles lying around the garage, vomit was in the toilet, cigarette burns peppered the carpets and she found syringes in almost every drawer.  She was terrified, her son was a heroin addict and he was clearly suffering.