Strengthening Family Relationships

Strengthening Relationships with my Family

I have always had a very close relationship with my family but as I started to get deeper into my alcoholism, I began to fade away from my them. I became very selfish and constantly lied, stole, and manipulated my family time after time to get what I wanted. It was very hard to see how much damage I had my caused them. As I got more time sober I began to get in touch with the reality of the relationship with my family.

One of the greatest gifts I have received in sobriety is the improved relationship that I have with my family. Now, I can be there for them and when I am talking to them, I am fully present for the conversation instead of being under the influence or not my authentic self. I have been given the opportunity to make amends to my mom and sister, both very amazing experiences. This was the first time in my life I have been able to build up the willingness to go back to them and to make right all the harm I had caused them.

As gained more time in my recovery and my relationships began to improve, I became very excited to see my family on the weekends. I’m so grateful for every second we spend together. When I was getting loaded, I was always so caught up in my own life that I never took the time to be there for them. It is so amazing being present to see my brother and sister grow up. Now that I am sober, I am able to be the big brother that I never was when I was getting loaded. I get to be a part of my sister’s life as she starts to enter her teenage years, and I get to be there for my brother while he goes through elementary school. I am so grateful for New Life House because I didn’t just learn how to stay away from drugs and alcohol, I also learned many different things such as how to live a sober lifestyle, how to practice spirituality, and how to have healthy relationships with the people in my life.

Learning how to have healthy relationships with friends has helped me grow in my relationship with my family, we’re all learning from each other. I really look forward to being a role model and a positive influence to my brother and sister. My parents have loved and shown up for me but when I was using and drinking, I wasn’t able to meet them halfway. Now I am able to be a part of their lives, which is more than I could ask for. God has truly blessed me with such an amazing family and I will forever be grateful for the love and support they continue to give me. I will always be willing to give it back to them. If there is one goal that I look forward to the most in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous, it’s to continue to grow in my relationship with my parents and siblings.

-New Life House Alumni


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