Socializing in Rehab Aftercare

If you’ve chosen to stay at a rehab aftercare facility to complete your transition back into the world, one aspect that can be both challenging and rewarding is the social aspect of the home. You may be excited to meet others with whom you share common challenges, or scared by the prospect of living in such close proximity to other people. Your feelings are completely normal. If you follow a few guidelines, you can make the most of your social experience while completing your transitional housing for drug or alcohol addiction.

Let romance wait. At this point in your life you need good friends, but not the upheaval and complicated emotions involved in a romantic relationship. You’re still on your journey to rebuilding your life, as are the potential romantic partners you might meet. Since romantic relationships can bring a lot of drama into your life, try to hold off on dating until your recovery is complete. Once you feel completely healthy, centered, and in charge of your life, you’ll have a lot to offer to a romantic interest – and vice versa.

Build supportive friendships. Your friends and family care about you, but it may often feel as though they really don’t understand you. During your time in a sober living environment, you’ll meet people who share your struggles, challenges, hopes, and fears. You may find that you understand one another far better than anyone else in your life, and you’ll probably make friends who will become a supportive network for years to come. Remember that a true friend will be truthful and supportive, not judgmental or critical.

Keep relationships healthy. Everyone you meet is probably on a similar journey to yours, but we all progress at different rates. While this is a great time to meet new friends who really understand you, remember to maintain appropriate boundaries. A supportive, healthy friendship can be key to your recovery, but an unstable, unhealthy one can compromise your goals. Know the warning signs for an unhealthy relationship and talk to a counselor if you feel a new friend might be impeding your progress. It’s great to be a supportive friend, but never compromise your own recovery. Now is one time in life that it is okay to put yourself first.

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