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Sober living for young adults will address addiction issues unique to the young person. By residing in a recovery community with peers, young adults create bonds and replace previous unhealthy relationships with new healthy ones. Because the young adult is not yet mature enough to view a future without alcohol, drugs or a party, they need to form friendships that will carry them through all the celebrations and reasons that most people find to drink. They learn that having fun in recovery is better than anything they could have imagined and find joy in a purpose filled life.

Young men in a sober living community

Why A Recovery Center?

Removing the young addict from their normal hangouts is essential in order to build a solid foundation in recovery. Established sober living for young adults provides a distraction free environment without having to pass by the dealer’s house, endure toxic relationships or be tempted to party.

What is a Recovery Community?

A recovery community is a sober living home or homes for young adults that have been around long enough to generate a substantial following. When young people complete their stay at the sober living home, they will return to support the newer members. Giving rides, sponsorship, attending meetings, events, parties and conferences together creates a community of support that a young adult needs to achieve long lasting sobriety.

sober living for young men

New Life Recovery

New Life House has worked extensively with families from all over the United States. We’re just a phone call away. If you or someone you know is struggling with behavior problems fueled by alcohol and drug addiction, contact us today.  A quality recovery community can heal most behavioral issues.

Testimonial from a Parent

“I highly recommend this program as it has worked for my sons and so many other boys that I have met and watched live this program over the last 20 months. The parent connections have also eased the anxiety of going through this experience.”Lori L.
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