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New Life House is a unique sober living home specifically for young men and teens. We offer three facilities in California. Two locations for young men ages 18-22 located in the South Bay and for men ages 23-30 in the Miracle Mile district of LA.

We believe the sunny atmosphere of Southern California is a perfect environment for recovery during early addiction recovery. Our philosophy follows the 12-Step program and provides motivation and accountability through peer and community support.

Structured Sober Living

New Life House is structured around the 12-Step recovery model. While living with us, young men and teens reside in a supportive and safe environment. In this setting, they begin to utilize the 12-Step model popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous. Our peer-based network focuses on helping former addicts forge meaningful relationships with peers, their community and their own families.

We believe that support systems like this prevent relapse back into drug use or alcoholism. This type of atmosphere is critical to addiction recovery. A support system and sober friends are important when young men face pressure from social interactions. While living with us, there are no pressures in the form of house parties, nightclubs, and bars. During their time here, young men will learn to adjust to a substance-free life in a safe environment, the goal being that they won’t want to return to that way of life when they leave.

What is Sober Living?

Sober living is an alcohol and drug-free environment designed for people recovering from an addiction. This typically takes place in residential homes and is also known as “halfway houses.” These homes are transitional spaces for people recently completing treatment or seeking an outpatient program. Sober living homes provide a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment for recovery away from temptation and stressors.

At New Life House, the community is designed for young men and teens in recovery. Other facilities may offer mixed-sex recovery or all ages, but we truly believe in the camaraderie and support network that young men in recovery can provide for each other.

After completing their program in sober living, young people are encouraged to return and provide support to newer members. They might provide sponsorship, give rides, or host events, meetings, conferences, and parties. All of this goes a long way in creating a community conducive to long-lasting sobriety.

Why is a Recovery Community Important?

Perhaps one of the most important components to successful recovery from addiction is support and encouragement. A recovery community provides just this and is a right step towards long-term sobriety. The early stages of recovery can be physically and emotionally challenging. Simply making the decision to get sober and staying that way is a monumental feat. There will be good days and there will be plenty of bad ones. A community is necessary for the encouragement and support to overcome these challenges. Peers have much to learn from each other. They’re often going through very similar experiences and can help guide each other when transitioning back into society.

Additionally, recovery communities are important to remove young people from the places and people that fed their addictions. New Life House offers a fully drug-free environment with frequent drug-tests and spot-checks. We help remove young people from the challenges of toxic relationships, peer-pressure and enablers.

Benefits of Sober Living Near Orange County

No, we’re not located in Orange County, but experience has shown that this is a huge positive for the addict. That’s because removing an addict from their using zone is the first step toward recovery. New Life is located just far enough to give your loved one the distance needed for success, but close enough that you can visit regularly and remain involved in our frequent family events!

Starting a journey toward sober living near Orange County has even more benefits.

  • Serving as a transition between inpatient treatment or detox to regular patterns of home life.
  • Additional support from those in the recovery community.
  • Strong 12-Step community.
  • Reduces the risk of relapse during early recovery in comparison to those who live at home.
  • Residents follow a structured schedule designed for sobriety.
  • Residents are expected to be accountable for all behaviors and actions.
  • Random drug tests to check abstinence from alcohol or drugs.
  • Residents live in a safe, drug-free, and alcohol-free environment.
  • Teaches and develops ways to achieve long-term recovery.
  • Focus is on recovery rather than daily responsibilities.
  • Residents develop and nurture healthy relationships and repair familial and interpersonal relationships.

At New Life House in Orange County, we know working with young addicts requires a special approach. 

Goals of Our Sober Living in Orange County

  • Addressing Addiction by creating an environment for addicts to unpack and address addiction with the help of professionals. It allows addicts to learn about triggers and how to address them.
  • Understanding and Support from other young men in similar situations in life. It is a chance for support without judgment.
  • Unpack Underlying Issues that led to an alcohol or drug addiction, which is rarely isolated. It involves diving into trauma, anxiety, and depression in a safe environment.
  • Build a Community because isolation and loneliness can often be a factor in addiction. Support and understanding a sober living facility is important for long-term sobriety and recovery.
  • Eliminate Risk by removing triggers and cravings in a substance-free space. Random drug tests ensure residents remain sober and that everyone is safe.
  • Foster Responsibility and Independence during a transitional period to becoming independent members of society. It has a structured schedule but often allows residents to attend school and work as well. It guarantees a safe home to return to as well.
  • Encourage Accountability among residents by holding themselves and others accountable based on integrity and honesty.
  • Rebuild Relationships that were affected by addiction while forming new ones with other residents and graduates.

How Long is the Sober Living Program at New Life House?

While New Life House in Orange County is a long-term program, we only ask our new residents to commit to giving it a try for 90 days. Many are so excited by the changes they experience in themselves that they make a final decision to stay for 12 to 14 months. This timeframe is recommended for the best chance of a full recovery.

Early recovery involves an increased risk of relapse. The longer the individual is in a structured, safe, and substance-free environment, the better chance they have for long-term recovery. It is recommended that teens and young men remain within sober living at least a year to a year and a half. This is the best chance an individual has for complete physical and emotional recovery.

Why Go to a Sober Living Home in Orange County After Treatment?

Drug and alcohol addiction do not have to control your life or your loved ones’ lives. It is possible to recover and maintain a healthy, sober life. But this process is neither quick nor simple.

Addiction is a chronic disease. It often requires long-term, repeated care to facilitate physical and emotional recovery. If you or a loved one have completed an inpatient program, sober living is recommended to help in the transition to living at home. This allows for encouragement and support during a very critical stage of early recovery. A relapse is most likely in that time after an inpatient program. Living at a sober living home decreases this chance and builds an even stronger foundation for recovery.

Why New Life House Sober Living in Orange County?

New Life House has been serving the Southern California area for over 30 years. Our knowledge of the community and recovery for young men has led to an expertise in building a solid atmosphere for recovery. The question, “why New Life House?” can be answered in four parts.


The 12-Step approach from Alcoholics Anonymous informs our sober living environment. This is different from rehab aftercare and other sober living settings because it utilizes a peer-grouping method. This connects people who have experienced similar challenges in life and helps them form close bonds.

Our residents are young men at similar points in their lives and find many commonalities. The program builds strong friendships, which lead to long-term sobriety with a support system beyond New Life House.

Unity and Friendships

The likelihood of sobriety in the long term increases when you have friends to help and support you. With peer grouping, the friendships made at New Life House last long after the program is completed.

We think that to encourage permanent change, a like-minded group is necessary. A sober life is more than refraining from alcohol and drug abuse. It involves unpacking emotional issues and creating a new, substance-free life.

New Life House encourages interpersonal relationships and sharing to develop strong bonds for the trials that come with sobriety. Residents lift each other up during and after their time at New Life House. In many ways, the program at New Life House creates a family.

Home Staff On-Site

Residents at New Life House have access to professional support in a hands-on capacity. Our team has years of experience in this field. Our managers, directors and staff are also sober, and many have experienced recovery first-hand. This brings invaluable advice and support to those going through the same thing.

Staff spend quality time with each resident, discussing goals, checking in, and assessing decisions and fears. The experience is rooted in the personal connections between recovering addicts. It helps others identify what it takes to break the substance abuse cycle. Interpersonal bonds between people at different stages in recovery set an example of how to live a healthy, sober life.

Support and Family in the Long-Term

Sober living houses in Orange County would not be beneficial without members who maintain sobriety after they graduate. Peer grouping and the 12-Step program teach the emotional resources and tools to maintain sober living after leaving.

We believe in the importance of incorporating the family and friends of residents. This helps to teach them about the philosophies and structures of sober living so they can support their loved one; but also helps repair relationships strained by the person’s addiction.

This allows friends and relatives to also use the tools outside of New Life House. Recovery is a lifelong process that only starts with us – but does not end here.

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Sober Living for Young Men in Orange County

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