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For people struggling with addiction, the vast majority will not fully resume a sober life without proper structured rehabilitation. However, New Life House Sober Living near Huntington Beach is a sober living community that has helped many addicts find success in prolonged recovery. We have three structured sober living facilities, two of which are located in the South Bay of Los Angeles. Our community works exclusively young men struggling with addiction. We believe this unique approach allows us to best help our residents.

Former addicts can heal and grow with the help of like-minded peers. At New Life House, residents follow the 12 Step Alcoholic Anonymous method. The techniques residents learn are applicable in life even after they graduate. Every aspect of our community is intentional. We give addicts the tools they need to recover.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living homes are sometimes referred to as halfway houses. They are residential homes where addicts stay for a specified period. The environment is completely free of drugs and alcohol.

Many of our residents simultaneously attend outpatient treatment during their stay.

Why is a Recovery Community Important?

As transitional programs, sober living homes offer a safe and supportive recovery community. Addiction is a chronic illness, making it difficult to stay sober. Especially early on, the recovery process is taxing. Your loved one will have to overcome physical and emotional challenges.

A sense of community is essential to recovery – which is what we aim to foster. Young men are helped to connect with peers going through the same situation. Everyone participates in the 12 Step program, attends events, and socializes with other residents. The relationships they form and techniques they learn will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

Once residents complete their stay, they are encouraged to stay involved with the community. They’ll help new members on the path to healing and continue to support fellow addicts in recovery. Their continued involvement also helps them remain sober.

Benefits of Sober Living Near Huntington Beach

There are many benefits to sober living homes. Some of the most notable include:

  • Residents in sober living homes have a reduced risk of relapse. This is especially true during early recovery.
  • Residents usually join New Life House after inpatient or detox care. Sober living facilities help them transition back to regular home life with the tools and skills to stay sober.
  • The community offers support and shared experiences.
  • Addicts are held accountable for their actions.
  • Regular drug testing. This helps ensure abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
  • Residents don’t have to worry about daily responsibilities. This allows them to focus solely on their recovery.
  • The community implements a structured schedule. Routine is essential for recovery. Residents live in a safe and alcohol and drug-free environment.
  • Addicts learn techniques that help them recover long-term.
  • Addicts develop healthy relationships and make amends.

The main aims of sober living include:

Acknowledging the addiction. One of the hardest parts of recovery is acknowledging the addiction. Trained professionals help addicts come to terms with their illness. They also identify any triggers. Certain events or circumstances can cause one to relapse. During this period, addicts are especially susceptible to triggers.

Understanding and Support. All residents are young adolescent males experiencing the same struggles. Your loved one will be in an environment free of judgment. They’ll receive support from and connect with their peers.

Addressing Underlying Problems. Addiction is rarely an isolated problem. Usually, there are other issues that contribute to drug abuse. Trauma, depression, and anxiety can cause or contribute to addiction. At a sober living home, residents can begin to address these issues.

Offering a Sense of Community. Loneliness is a common consequence of addiction. During recovery, isolation can make it harder to stay sober. Sober living homes help residents feel less alone. They offer a sense of community that contributes to long-term recovery.

Eliminating Risk. Triggers and cravings can consume addicts in early recovery. Sober living homes ban alcohol and drugs from the premises. To ensure they follow house rules, residents are subjected to random drug testing. These measures are taken to eliminate temptations and ensure everyone’s safety.

Gaining Independence and Becoming Responsible. A sober living home is a transition point for many addicts. They gain their independence back and take on responsibility. This helps them once again become contributing members to society. Some facilities implement structured schedules to guide healing. Others allow members to attend school and work during their stay. They can live normal lives while having a safe place to call home.

Holding Peers Accountable. Accountability is crucial during the early recovery process. Residents must check in with not only themselves but also others. This encourages a community where integrity and honesty are at the forefront.

Making Amends. Addiction can take a toll on personal relationships. Young addicts might place drugs or alcohol before their loved ones. They might also harm their relationships by:

  • Being secretive
  • Lying
  • Lashing out in anger
  • Asking their loved one to fuel their addiction (requesting money, etc.)

At a sober living facility, your loved one can make amends. He will learn how to repair damaged relationships. He will also understand how to form meaningful connections moving forward.

How Long is the Sober Living Program Near Huntington Beach

The length of Sober Living Near Huntington Beach varies. Some facilities offer 12-18 month-long programs. Others are only 1-3 months long. The duration also depends on the individual’s needs. Everyone’s situation is different and might require different lengths of stay.

Early on in the recovery process, it’s normal to feel scared, anxious, frustrated, and a host of other emotions. It’s also the highest risk time for relapse. It is important for residents to stay in a structured, alcohol and drug-free environment for as long as possible to help work through and surpass these challenges.

Teens and young adults should stay in a sober living home for at least 12-18 months. This will give them the best chance of achieving prolonged recovery.

Why Go to a Sober Living Home after Treatment?

Addiction is a chronic disease, meaning there is no “cure”. Addicts will continue to fight their addiction for the rest of their lives – we help people accept this and begin to arm themselves with skills and techniques to keep themselves on a sober path.

Recovery is entirely possible. However, it is not an easy or overnight process. Most who have struggled with addiction will require long-term or repeated care to remain sober.

Sober Living Near Huntington Beach is great for those early on in the process. They help addicts transition from inpatient programs to everyday life. These facilities also decrease the risk of relapse by offering a strong, supportive foundation.

Why New Life House?

Many addicts have found hope through New Life House. Our sober living community helps young men recover. We give them the tools they need to achieve lifelong sobriety.


We use the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Much like the 12-step programs, New Life House utilizes peer-feedback and support as a primary source of motivation and growth. This differs greatly from many aftercare centers, which focus more on a 1-on-1, “patient” and “provider” relationship. At New Life, we have found the camaraderie and long-term support which occurs with peer-grouping to be most effective for sustainable recovery.

We divide groups based on age. Residents relate better to their peers. After all, they are at similar points in life. They have many commonalities. They’ve had many of the same experiences. Therefore, they are able to make meaningful connections. This helps them heal and not feel so alone. It also helps them successfully hold each other accountable for negative behavior and staying sober.

Unity and Friendship

As mentioned, peer-grouping helps residents form friendships. These friendships can follow them long after they leave the program.

Remaining sober isn’t just about abstinence. Your loved one must address underlying issues. They have to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. They need to understand how to form healthy relationships.

The friendships formed help your loved one achieve long-term recovery. They can turn to their peers who have the same struggles. They can share their triumphs and setbacks. They can continue to hold each other accountable.

Our Professional Staff

Our staff consists of professionals with years of experience. Our directors and managers are sober and in recovery themselves. This allows them to relate to residents and offer valuable guidance.

Our team works to connect with each house member. They check-in and have meaningful conversations. They discuss fears, decisions, and goals, while also working to organize and tackle any outstanding issues that may be lingering–things like legal cases, financial troubles, or even academic reparations. New Life House believes this personal experience is essential for healing. Residents can relate to recovering addicts. They receive practical advice and see hope for their future.

How Much Does Sober Living Cost?

The cost of sober living homes varies. It all depends on the level of care provided, the location of the sober living home, the duration of the program, and the services offered. Most sober living homes cost around the same price as the monthly rent of homes in that same geographical area. Sober living homes in areas with a higher cost of living, such as California and New York, tend to be more expensive. More structured sober living programs with a highly involved staff will generally cost more. While some sober living homes take insurance, most do not. However, sober living homes may be able to offer financial assistance and/or scholarships for individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties. It all depends upon need and what sober living is able to offer at that particular time.

Sober Living Near Huntington Beach

We give your loved one the tools they need to recover. They will be surrounded by unconditional love and support.

New Life House is more than a sober living facility. We are a family. We encourage our residents to stay involved after they graduate. Our community will always be there for them. Friends and family members can also get involved.

Sobriety is a lifelong process. With New Life House, your loved one can get on the right path.


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