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Sober living in San Diego is available to help provide housing free of drugs and alcohol for added support during recovery.  Whether your looking for a sober living for a loved one or yourself, it’s important to recognize what type of sober living environment would best meet an individuals needs rather than their wants.

Is Each Sober Living in San Diego the Same?

The term “sober living” represents a broad range of services, structure and support. Most sober living homes in San Diego don’t offer too much support or accountability.  Primarily they serve as a transitional housing environment where individuals can come and go as they please with minimum requirements such as (attending 2-3 meetings weekly, coming home by curfew, no drug or alcohol use permitted).  Each sober living in San Diego varies in their level of support and structure, so we encourage you to be thorough and ask questions when seeking a sober living environment.

Sober Living in San Diego for Young Men

The traditional sober living model described above may be an appropriate setting for some individuals in need of extra support, but for most young people, we have found that this type of sober living structure is ineffective in supporting a younger persons recovery.   In our experience, young people benefit from a supportive, structured environment outside of their hometown where they can take the necessary time away from distractions to work on themselves and build a foundation in their recovery within a community they can connect with.  The first initial stages of recovery are the most crucial to an individual’s success.  We have found that young men and women benefit from participating in a recovery community they can identify with. Doing so helps them build a peer-based support system and friendships to aid and support them as they progress in their recovery.

More Questions?

We have worked with many families in San Diego with loved one struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse.  For more information regarding Sober Living in San Diego, please contact (888) 357-7577.


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