Sober Living Rehab Homes Houses Centers

Sober Living Rehab Homes Houses Centers


Located in Los Angeles, California, New Life House has three separate sober living homes geared towards young men struggling with addiction. The sober living structure offered at New Life House has led to a reported sobriety success rate of over 80% for all three houses (sobriety success being defined as sobriety for five years or more). Credited to a 12 Step philosophy, peer grouping, and a strong emotional component that aids house members in discovering the challenges that have led them to addiction, New Life House has proudly been providing quality care and sober living guidance for over 25 years.


Peer Grouping


New Life House’s sober living is based on the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. Unlike other rehab aftercare centers and sober livings, our sober living houses use a peer-grouping method that helps those in recovery to connect with individuals going through the same life experiences. Peer grouping means creating sober living houses geared towards specific age groups so that the young men can better relate with one another. By grouping individuals who are at similar points in their lives and have many commonalities, a strong support system is created. Built on powerful friendships that help to facilitate recovery and long term, quality sobriety, this support system extends far beyond the walls of our sober living houses.


Friendships and Unity


When there is a strong bond amongst house members, the chance for long-term sobriety success is significantly increased. Thanks to peer grouping, friendships made in the houses last long after graduation from our sober living homes. A like-minded support group is essential for long-term success in any type of program that encourages permanent change. Staying sober is not just about abstinence from drugs and alcohol, it is about addressing the emotional underlying issues and embracing a new life, free from substances. Our sober living houses encourage house members to share with each other and develop relationships that can give them strength through the trials and tribulations that arise throughout sobriety. House members draw strength from each other during and long after their stay at our sober living homes-much more than just a sober living, we are a family.


Sober Living Home Staff


An important feature of sober living rehab aftercare is the hands-on support from professionals who have years of experience in the field. New Life House directors and managers are sober and in recovery themselves, allowing them to impart valuable advice and support to men currently going through the houses. They spend a great deal of time with each house member, checking in with them, discussing goals, fears and decisions. We believe that it takes the personal experience of a recovering addict to know what it takes to break the cycle of substance abuse and identify with the individual. This personal connection can make all the difference in the world when it comes to learning to live a healthy lifestyle in sobriety.


Long-Term Support and Family


The goal at each of our sober livings is to help our members maintain their sobriety when they graduate from one of our sober livings. Our dedication to the 12 Step program and peer grouping ensures that house members have the tools and emotional resources required to continue staying sober and healthy throughout the difficult challenges they may face after leaving our houses. Friends and family of house members are encouraged to learn about the structure and philosophies of our sober living in order to help their loved ones continue to use these tools on the outside. Staying sober is a lifelong process that starts at New Life House.