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Sober Living in Los Angeles can provide the appropriate environment for an individual seeking continued care and support upon completing a detox or drug treatment program. Los Angeles is home to hundreds of sober living environments. Los Angeles is the epicenter of the recovery world.  There are over 3,000 12 Step meetings weekly in Los Angeles County, and an excess of drug and alcohol treatment services readily available.

With so many forms of alcohol and drug treatment, it’s important to know that no sober living is alike.  Most facilities in Los Angeles are independently owned, have their own rules, regulations and levels of support.

A “Traditional” Sober Living in Los Angeles

Sober Living Environments (SLE) were first established on the west coast. Initially, sober living homes were designed to provide a safe alcohol and drug free home with others in early recovery; that was all.  At the time, most people seeking sober living services were primarily men between 30-65 years old. These men needed to continue to work and participate in their personal/professional obligations, so the need for structure was not high, nor could that structure be enforced into the sober living.

Though drug and alcohol services are in greater demand amongst young adults, many sober livings in Los Angeles have kept to the traditional sober living model. We have found this to be a less effective form of support for young adults in recovery.

New Life House – Sober Living for Young Men

New Life House is the pioneer of age-specific sober livings and has been successfully helping men ages 18-32 years old recover from alcohol and drug abuse. Our individual homes are specifically tailored for men 18-22 years old and 23-32 years old.  Unlike most sober livings in Los Angeles, our houses provide a long-lasting recovery community in a structured and supportive setting.

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We have worked with many families of youth struggling with alcohol and/or drug abuse in Los Angeles.  For more information regarding Sober Living in Los Angeles County or New Life House, please contact us (888) 357-7577.


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    Call Us Now: (888) 357-7577