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New Life House is a sober living community located close to Huntington Beach, California. Sober living homes are the ideal place for a young person struggling with drug and alcohol abuse to work on their recovery. It is a buffer between detox or primary drug treatment and returning to everyday life with all its distractions. Living in a respected, structured sober living community like New Life House provides a safe environment free of drugs and alcohol where peers can support each other through the process.

How to Choose A Sober Living Home

Before choosing a sober living home as an aftercare program for you or your loved one, it is important to be informed so you can find the best fit for you. The best way to know is to ask questions. If at all possible, do a site visit. Talk to others who have succeeded in their transition—a program with an active and prominent alumni community can be an amazing gauge of the effectiveness and integrity of the sober living program you are considering.

A few questions to ask when considering a sober living home:

  • How many people reside in the sober living?
  • How much time sober due the majority of the residents/staff have?
  • How often are drug tests administered?
  • What is the age group of the sober living members?
  • Are there any “house meetings”?
  • What type of daily structure takes place?
  • Will my child get a sponsor immediately?

It is important to note the level of structure when you are seeking a sober living facility. Whereas some of their competitors may allow too much freedom and have a severe lack of accountability, structured sober livings help keep the individual in line and on track with their recovery.

New Life House Sober Living in Huntington Beach

New Life House has helped young men in Huntington Beach and Southern California stay sober for over 30 years. We have been recognized nationally by professionals in recovery as a model for structured sober living. We have a stellar reputation of providing young men with the tools for success and community support they need in order to live a productive and happy life no matter what challenges they encounter along the way. New Life House utilizes the general community to provide opportunities for education, recreation, and the chance to develop skills to make good choices determining what activities are healthy or wise for them. House members are allowed to take advantage of appropriate activities as they demonstrate readiness. There is always something exciting to do being young and sober in Southern California!

There are many types of sober living and rehabilitation programs available in the Huntington Beach area. Treatment does not fall under a “one size fits all” category. Matching the needs of the individual to the appropriate program plays a large role in long-term success and sobriety.

Contact us for a complementary assessment to assist you in making this decision.

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