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Sober Living Home Has Fun in Sobriety

This weekend the New Life House sober living home took its residents, graduates and families to an Angels baseball game at Angel Stadium in Orange County, CA. “Having fun in sobriety is a must!” Insists the New Life House.

Last Sunday, the Angels faced off with the Texans for 9 exciting innings of baseball. Sitting in the new Trout Farm (cheering section for outfielder Mike Trout) was New Life House Sober Living Home members and their families. 145 friends and members of New Life House cheered on the Angels waiving towels and waving thunder sticks. The guys and families had a great time!

Sober Living Homes traditionally don’t have group outings or events. Usually, they just serve as temporary housing for someone newly getting sober. However, at New Life House’s peer-based environments, residents are encouraged to have safe and sober fun together!

Due to New Life House’s emphasis on the importance of a support system, it is one of few sober living homes that organize events for its residents and their families. These events and activities encourage unity and fun. Sobriety has to be attractive, especially for a young adult. New Life House’s community events have included barbeques at the park, attending sporting events, bowling nights and holiday parties.

As a sober living home designed for young men, New Life House structures a healthy balance between work and play. Drug an alcohol addiction is no laughing matter. Recovery is taken seriously which is why the residents develop healthy social skills and participate in healthy sober activities. Without doing so, sobriety seems bland and unattractive.

New Life House has been helping young men recovery from alcohol and drug dependency for over 25 years. To learn more about New Life House, sober living home for men, contact us at (888) 357-7577.


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