Sober Living for Men Struggling with Addiction

Sober Living for Men Struggling with Addiction

Individuals who are struggling with addiction require a certain level of support in order develop the necessary foundation for achieving long-term recovery. Sober living for men struggling with addiction provide this necessary support. After an addict has completed a medical detox or an intensive inpatient program, it is suggested that they enter a sober living home for additional treatment. A sober living home provides the best opportunity for success and relapse prevention. Sober living homes serve as a gradual transition back into regular daily life. This should serve as guide for individuals to develop a better understand of addiction and the benefits of a sober living.

sober living for men

Sober Living Home for Men Struggling with Addiction

What is Addiction?


There is both a psychological and physical component to drug or alcohol addiction. Individuals who are addiction to drugs or alcohol are both physically and emotionally dependent upon that substance. They are unable to stop using drugs or alcohol despite their best intentions or due to negative consequences associated with their substance abuse. More often than not, individuals require some form of addiction treatment to enter a state of recovery.


What is Sober Living?


Sober living facilities are drug and alcohol free recovery communities where an individual suffering from addiction can reside after a drug or alcohol detox and prior to re-entering regular day-to-day life. Sober livings provide a safe and comfortable environment where addicts can receive the necessary support to achieve long-standing recovery from addiction. A sober living has zero tolerance for the possession or use of alcohol or drugs. Random drug tests are often administered in order to ensure abstinence from drugs or alcohol. A sober living is an environment free of distractions that are not conducive to recovery, such as: cell phone, laptops and social media access. Sober livings often monitor the communication a resident has with old friends and family members in order to ensure the well being of the resident. Residents of a sober living are able to identify and address triggers and underlying issues that contributed to the development of their addiction. Residents are able to develop healthy relationships, repair damaged relationships. work the steps outlined in the 12-step program of their choosing, and begin to take steps towards becoming a responsible member of society. One of the most beneficial aspects of a sober living is the sense of community one receives from like-minded individuals.

Addressing the Addiction: A sober living home provides a safe environment for addicts to address their drug or alcohol addiction under the guidance of trained professionals. In this environment, addicts can identify and address triggers that may occur during this transitional period in their recovery.

Benefits of Sober Living for Men in Recovery From Addiction


– Sober living acts as a transition from detox or inpatient to regular home life.
– Residing at a sober living home reduces the risk of relapse in early recovery.
– Residents receive support from others in the recovery community.
– Residents are held accountable for their actions and behaviors.
– Residents adhere to a structure schedule conducive for sobriety.
– Residents are subject to random drug testing that helps to ensure abstinence from drugs or alcohol.
– Residents learn and develop helpful tools to achieve long-term recovery.
– Residents are able to reside in a safe environment, free of drugs or alcohol.
– Residents aren’t faced with daily temptations.
– Residents are able to focus on their recovery rather than regular daily responsibilities.
– Residents are able to develop healthy relationships and repair damaged interpersonal and familial relationships.
– Residents are able to develop a sense of community and support from others.


Concerned About Yourself or a Loved One?


If you are concerned that someone you love is suffering from addiction, it is imperative that you take action. You can never be to safe or intervene too early. Drug or alcohol abuse can rapidly develop into emotional dependence, physical dependence and addiction. The health risks associated with drug or alcohol addiction are serious and life threatening. Many addicts are unable to stop using drugs or alcohol without the assistance of an professional in the addiction recovery field. If you know someone that needs help please do not hesitate to give us a call and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call (888)357-7577 or simply click the link below.