Sober Living and Rehab Aftercare

Specializing in Sober Living for Young Men and Women


Sober Living and Rehab Aftercare were first established on the west coast with the sole purpose to provide a safe environment free of drugs and alcohol for those newly in recovery. Sober livings and rehab aftercare allows individuals new in their recovery to participate in occupational and academic programs while being aided and supported by other house residents.


When sober livings were first established, they served an older population of men and women. They generally served as a safe place for men and women to live communally while working in conjunction with a 12 Step program. Addiction treatment for teens and young adults wasn’t available then. To this day, most sober living homes accept adult men and women of all ages and seldom segregate by age groups.


Sober Living and Rehab Aftercare


When an individual completes a primary treatment program such as a drug rehab, it is recommended that they enter an aftercare facility. Aftercare refers to a sober living environment that compliments the initial treatment the individual has received that continues to help the individual progress in their personal recovery. Sober living homes vary in their level of structure and services that are provided, so it is important that the aftercare center the individual will transition to can help meet and address their needs. The continued support that drug rehab aftercare centers provide can be imperative towards one’s continued growth and recovery; though an individual may have successfully completed a primary treatment program, higher success is found amongst those that enter an aftercare facility.


New Life House Sober Living and Aftercare


New Life House shares and expands on this initial sober living philosophy by promoting structured sober livings that offer a daily schedule and also incorporate a peer-based recovery and support system. By participating within a recovery community the individual can better connect with a support system he or she can identify with. Interactions with their like-minded fellows encourage an individual to listen and take direction from their peer group whom they can identify with. Peers share experience and support with one another thus eliminating the ability for behaviors and actions to go unnoticed within the sober living environment.

Age specific sober living for men 18-22 years old.


The New Life Houses tailored for young adults were custom built for our recovery services. The two young adult houses are located in heart of the South Bay. Most recognized for the neighboring beach communities, our houses are minutes away from Manhattan, Redondo and Hermosa Beach.


The custom designed houses create an ideal living situation for young men to build healthy relationships while in a safe and comfortable environment. Coupled with our large, experienced and dedicated staff, the young men learn the life skills necessary to live purposeful responsible lives in recovery.


Age specific sober living for men 23-32 years old.


New Life House L.A. is centrally located on the historic Miracle Mile District of Los Angeles, CA. The vibrant community of the Miracle Mile creatively blends modern architecture while conserving some of Los Angeles’ most visited attractions. Our neighborhood is home to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Peterson Automotive Museum, the El Rey Theatre, Beverly Hills and Hancock Park.


New Life House L.A. sits on a 6,000 sq foot property that was developed in 1930’s. The house retains its beautiful original structure, crown moldings and vaulted ceilings. Parks, shopping malls, restaurants and fashion boutiques are all within walking distance that doesn’t just promote fun activities, but also job opportunities as well.


Coupled with peer support, New Life House’s structure is specifically tailored towards healthy living amongst the separated age groups. The structure extends beyond the daily schedule as we work with each house member as they progress in their recovery. We are with our house members every step along the way to successful living! By imparting the life skills necessary to succeed, our house members learn to live successful and meaningful lives in their recovery.


New Life House has served Southern California since 1985. Contact us for sober living in Orange County, Sober Living in Los Angeles and Sober Living in Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, and Simi Valley, Sober Living in San Fransico and Sober Living in Santa Barbara. For more information on sober living and drug rehab aftercare centers, call us today.  We may be reached toll free at (888) 357-7577.