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Case management takes place through Clear Recovery Center, and gives the young men of New Life House an additional layer of support on top of the already comprehensive services they receive at the house.

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Case Managers Help Accomplish More in Recovery

Case managers are navigators through the complex world of healing from addiction to drugs and alcohol and managing accompanying mental health issues. Choosing the right case manager to work with someone is an important part of the process. The case managers working with the New Life House guys are alumni who have gone on to pursue credentialing, and who are intimately familiar with the recovery process that the young men are going through. This allows them to connect and relate with the guys and provide a source of guidance throughout their recovery process from substance abuse here in Los Angeles.

Case Management Covers Many Steps in the Addiction Recovery Process

The earlier in the recovery process that a case manager enters the picture, the better. Their knowledge can help create a path for patients. It starts with their initial decision to begin recovery. Having a trusted individual that can provide assistance on a life skills and wrap-around support level is helpful. It allows a level of connection to be formed with the young man in recovery.

Case managers also help with all of the different things that naturally come up during someone’s recovery process. As life begins to pick up steam, more responsibilities are brought into the picture. Having this extra layer of support in addition to the staff at the house is crucial. Of course, there is constant communication that takes place from New Life House and everyone on the clinical team at Clear Recovery Center, including the case managers. This means that the left hand always knows what the right hand is doing. There is a unified front when it comes to helping someone transform their life from substance abuse here in Los Angeles.

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New Life House has worked with many families of young men struggling with alcohol and/or substance abuse in Los Angeles County since 1985. We specialize in age-specific recovery communities for young men and have residents from all over the country. Our established recovery community effectively addresses all the issues that behavioral difficulties fueled by addiction cause. For more information regarding sober living, please contact (888) 357-7577.


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