Being of service is our priority and our recovery.

Below you will find just a few of the ways that New Life House is of service to our community. Whether it be feeding the homeless, taking panels to other recovery centers or helping out the Harbor City Boys & Girls Club, New Life House stays active in service in a myriad of ways.

NLH Camping Trip 2018

August 2018

New Life House went on their annual camping trip this year to Idylwild, CA to experience fun and fellowship in the wilderness. Each year we bring our community to these mountains to get break away from the day to day of life and show that we can bring our AA program with us wherever we go.

Pediatric Therapy Network

December 2016

New Life House came out to support the Pediatric Therapy Network at their Frosty Fiesta Event! The guys love volunteering and we couldn’t think of a better cause to celebrate this holiday season!

We’ve been giving back for over 30 years and we’re happy to add an awesome new organization to our list of friends.

Boys & Girls Club | Holiday Toy Drive

December 2016

The holiday season is a beautiful time to give back and be of service to the community!

New Life House loved participating in our annual Boys and Girls Club Toy Drive this year!

Save A Life | Community Walk

November 2016

Save A Life community walk supports mental health education centered around suicide prevention. Some of our alumni and families supported this year by creating a team for the walk and fundraising to aid in educating the local schools!

Feeding the Homeless

September 2016

Feeding the homeless is one of the standards for service at New Life House. The guys get a chance to give back selflessly and returning home are always in touch with gratitude for their own lives. We stay involved in our community in as many ways as we can and feeding the homeless with the Midnight Mission is one of our favorites.

Boys & Girls Club | Summer Mentoring

August 2016

New Life House continued it’s long-standing relationship with the Boys and Girls Club with their Summer Mentoring Program! Alumni and house members spent a week helping out, mentoring and having fun with the local Boys and Girls Club members. There’s nothing like giving back to get out of self!

Big Sunday Community Service

April 2016

Big Sunday is one of our favorite organizations to work with. Every month, the guys from New Life House help out with their different community service events. From putting on holiday themed meals to collecting and distributing useful goods to the community, the guys participate in helping out those in need and have a great time doing it!

“Then there is another way of giving – when the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. You don’t have the self-image of yourself giving. You allow yourself to be a vehicle through which [good] energy flows out into the world. To be of service, then, is a beautiful spiritual practice because the ego is out of the way. When you begin to live in that way, you are always in service to others. Even in ordinary situations that would not normally be recognized as service. The greatest service is to realize the essence, or the reality, of the other person.”

– Eckhart Tolle

So why is service so important?

Being of service is a critical component of your journey to recovery and finding peace within yourself. And it isn’t just a concept unique to AA. Though we may have turned the phrase ‘being of service’ into a recovery colloquialism, service work is a concept prevalent in every major religion. Whether you are Buddhist, Christian, Hindi or Islamic, helping others is almost always an integral part in finding spiritual happiness.

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