San Diego is the Problem | Why an Addict Needs More Than a Location Change?

San Diego is the Problem | Why an Addict Needs More Than a Location Change?

Hope and strength comes from suffering and struggling.  I found out my son Jyles was using heroin 7 years ago, my life and has changed forever. I did not know who or what could help Jyles, my first attempt to help was to remove him from the people, places and things that comprised his drug use. So off Jyles went to Morocco for 6 months clean, but when he returned he relapsed within a week.

Then I came to the conclusion that San Diego was the problem so off he went to live with my mother in Florida. He got 9 months clean and then joined the navy so he obtained almost 2 years Clean. The nightmare seemed to have stopped. The navy stationed him in San Diego and the relapse followed quickly after. soon after that, he was discharged due to failed drug tests.  With nowhere to go and nothing to do, he was again home with me. The nightmare resumed with him getting high under my roof. He overdosed and I saved his life. Desperately trying to help him I sent him back to Florida but he began using there and eventually returned to San Diego.

Then the cycle of detox, rehab, and relapse began, and repeated over and over again. He did not change and when not in rehab he had many trips to the hospital and jail.  With nothing left for him to steal or sell, he was broken.

My son Jyles and I have lived the last 7 years trying to find a place, a solution, or an answer to help him heal and recover from the hold that heroin had on him. Although I never gave up on my son, I was helpless and hopeless until 15 months ago when Jyles came to New Life House.

The transformation in Jyles is miraculous. He is living a sober happy life filled with gratitude. Jyles has been sober for 15 months now, and I hope it’s forever. Not only has he changed, I have also learned to live in the moment and to enjoy time with my son. He is alive and happy and I am so grateful that he has acquired the tools to live by, and a community of brothers that support each other. I have new hope for my son’s future and am filled with pride and joy.  Most importantly, my son is alive,  proud of who he has become, and aspires for something greater in life.

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