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A Recovery Community, What Everyone Needs in Sobriety

The community involved with New Life House has had a tremendous effect on my life so far in sobriety. The many people who come around the house who have already graduated, as well as all of the guys I live with, are supportive in many ways. As I have lived this way of life in the house I have met many people who I can look to for advice, as well as help in any area of my life.

All of the graduates who come by on a day-to-day basis are involved with the guys in the house and many serve as role models of how to grow up and be successful in life. A lot of the graduates come by the house to give rides to meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous every day and aid in getting me to appointments of all kinds and were always willing to take me and the other guys to school so we can get our diplomas. I have seen a lot of guys graduate the program in the house and I know a lot of them well. They are all an inspiration to me and they continue to be a part of my life and set an example for me to follow.

The guys I live with are the most involved in my life all of the time. They are people I can look to for help no matter what and are people I can open up to. They support me by giving me insight on my self and encourage me to set goals, as well as work to accomplish them. I have made many friendships based on mutual care so all of the guys I am close with support my growth as an individual and always have my back. Many of the guys have struggled, or are struggling, with a lot of the same things that I have trouble with in my life. I can count on them to show me the way to do things, and I can trust them to have my best interest in mind whenever they have something to share with me or show me.

The managers who help keep the house in order are guys who genuinely care about what goes on in the New Life House community and help keep me inspired and motivated to push myself every day. They are willing to show up for me whenever I need help with a certain aspect of life and they encourage my development as I work this program. They are people that I can trust in, and that I can be confident will do what it takes to make the right decisions involving my life. I have not been let down by them. As graduates of the house as well, I can look up to them and know that they were successful and that they intend to help me succeed as well.

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