Recovery Blogs


Recovery Blogs


Recovery blogs serve the public in a variety of ways. First, they strive to present accurate and informed trending news on current drug trends, treatment options and aftercare facilities. Second, they help to de-stigmatize the disease of addiction, separating the disease from the person. Third, they offer entertainment and a society of like-minded people determined to live a substance free life.


A Variety of Information Found in Recovery Blogs Dedicated to the Disease of Addiction


Topics often discussed in recovery blogs will be matters such as:


  • Drug Testing – Pros/Cons/Effectiveness
  • Intervention
  • Relapse and Relapse Prevention
  • Statistics on Heroin Overdose
  • Current Trend in Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Ethics in Treatment
  • Different Types of Primary and Secondary Care
  • Interviews With Professionals
  • Insurance vs. Private Pay
  • Positive Quotes
  • Alcoholics Anonymous and Al Anon
  • Humorous Spins on Alcoholism/Drug Addiction


Families Can Find Understanding and Support from Reputable Recovery Blogs


Keep in mind that many blogs now a days, be they recovery, business or creatively related, are oftentimes only someone’s opinion. Locating a reputable recovery blog with stories from real people who have gone through the struggle of addiction – either themselves or with a loved one – offer hope and courage to face the rocky road ahead. Families can find valuable information on their part in the sobriety of a family member and solutions to help them end enabling the behavior of the substance abuser.


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Be sure to visit New Life House’s recovery blog Into the Heart of Addiction for valuable and original content written for the sole purpose of helping families and loved ones find comfort and accurate information on the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.


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