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Recovery Blogs


Recovery blogs present a wide variety of information on recovery from addictions to drugs and alcohol. There are also recovery blogs that address addictions to: video gaming, sex and love, gambling, shopping, etc. Basically, where there is an addiction, there will most likely be a recovery blog to address it.


How Can a Recovery Blog Help Someone Get Sober?

Sharing information, support, statistics and treatment options is a great way to network. When an addict is able to attain long-term sobriety and shares how he found success through a recovery blog, it is beneficial to another person struggling to find a solution. Using the comment section at the bottom of the posted articles is a wonderful way to let someone know you read what they wrote and either had the same experience or did not.


Recovery Blogs Speak to the Addict and His or Her Loved Ones


Many people have found a way to help their loved one achieve recovery by following a reputable recovery blog. Whether they are reading a former addicts story about their journey – what it was like, what happened and what it is like now – or a parents account of having to use an intervention to sway their child into a wilderness program, they can find the help and support they need with this valuable resource. Not all recovery blogs are equal so be sure to find out what style of recovery they are committed to and use your best judgment when aligning yourself with them.


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If you or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse call 1.888.357.7577 now. The appropriate recovery community for young adults will successfully treat many behavioral and addiction issues. Reliable and knowledgeable staff will get back to you shortly.


Our Recovery Blog


Into the Heart of Addiction is the original blog created by New Life House’s established recovery community. It provides tips, solutions and stories about getting sober. It also contains interviews with participants in the recovery world.