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There is a recovery blog for parents that will supply valuable information, support and guidance during the often times rocky road of their child’s addiction. When a parent discovers their son or daughter is addicted to mood altering substances and/or alcohol they may feel alone, isolated and frustrated.


Tips on Locating a Recognized Recovery Blog for Parents


There are hundreds of recovery blogs circulating the Internet now. With the trend in addiction treatment and recovery, it seems everyone is putting their two cents in. So how does a parent go about finding a reputable blog with helpful information?


  • Find out if the blog is part of a particular recovery community and how long that community has been operating. These distinguished businesses will have more resources, experience and an extensive network of professionals that they draw from when publishing information about addiction and recovery.
  • Does the blog contain articles written by young people in recovery / alumnae? Parents want to hear from the horses mouth and the young person can explain exactly what their son or daughter is going through more than someone who is much older. They also have the ability to offer hope and solace which is comforting to a parent.
  • Is the content original and thought provoking? Many blogs duplicate information that is circulating around the recovery world. Some is purely statistical and reads like a medical journal that is overwhelming for a parent to digest. Useful information, broken down into language that is easy to assimilate aids a parent who is already fragile and worried about their child.

Blogs are a useful tool that helps parents get involved in and support the recovery of a young adult from drugs and alcohol. Blogs encourage involvement through a comment section and is a great way to receive answers and feedback for any distressing questions or concerns.


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If you know a young adult struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, call 1.888.357.7577 now. The appropriate recovery community supplies a supportive sober living environment and will successfully treat many behavioral issues coupled with addiction. Reliable and knowledgeable staff will get back to you shortly.


Be sure to visit New Life House’s blog Into the Heart of Addiction for valuable and original content written for the sole purpose of helping families and loved ones find comfort and accurate information on the disease of drug and alcohol addiction.