Q & A with Howard Lockie

An interview with Howard Lockie, wellness, sports, spiritual, and recovery coach.  Howard Lockie has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA, coaching clients in recovery to achieve goals and realize dreams.

Howard Lockie graduated from the Agape Center of Truth and has studied under Eastern teachers as diverse as Wayne Liquorman and Stephen Wolinsky. He was hired by GORES Group to coach and facilitate key members of this Fortune 500 company. His clients have included Beverly Johnson, Annie Miles (Milestone Recordng), USTA tennis player Brian Battlestone, Blake Perlman, Alegre Versace, Rob Bunzel of Bartko, Tarrant, Miller (San Francisco) and comedian Tom Arnold.

 Howard’s love for sports coaching comes from playing Division 1 baseball in college. His acting resume includes the lead in Underpants by Steve Martin, Bones, Sleeper Cell, West Wing and House of Frankenstein. Howard creates on the individual, company or organizational level and brings with him new perspectives and creativity along with the underlying experience that, “Anything is possible!”


How long have you been sober?


24 years and 8 months.


How has recovery/sobriety influenced your coaching?


As I work on my own recovery, I become a better coach and transformational leader. The more I am able to do my own work on my own program, and maintain a fresh, sober life, I feel that I’m able to share insights I’ve had myself with those who come to me seeking coaching. I’m also able to share the experience and the hope of the program, especially as I move down the road of sobriety….


What are the best things that have happened to you in relation to your coaching life since you’ve been sober?


Well, I was never pursuing coaching prior to sobriety. But at about 5 years sober, I became a practitioner at the Agape Church of Religious Science. I completed a 3-year licensed program designed to cultivate and integrate the evolution of consciousness spiritually, intellectually, and professionally through prayer, creative visualization, spirituality and quantum physics.

Then I began to have my first clients and at that point I decided to create a coaching business. That business came out of being at Agape, being sober, meeting many people who were drawn to me to help them with various issues and willing and wanting to pay for it. It happened organically, just like everything that has happened for me in sobriety happens, organically. It was a small idea given to me by my intuition and I just ran with it. I’ve done several very high profile jobs: I’ve worked with the GORES GROUP, the 20th richest man in the world, coaching his three children. We eventually made a movie for his son who is an actor and has Cerebral Palsy. I played the role of a Tony Robbins type coach during the entire production process – all the way through the making of the movie. This was a young boy the world would’ve given zero chance of following his dream and so, I was able to coach him through the experience of being a full-blown participant in the movie. He did a great job. We worked with Tom Arnold and Penelope Spears on that project.

I have also taken Beverly Johnson on the LPGA Golf Tour. The supermodel always wanted to be a golfer. I attended a number of golf tournaments with her and was her active coach. That was really about being there for the person, empowering them through doubt and imparting to them the courage to go for it.


What does coaching with Howard Lockie look like?


We have an initial session where the client shares the areas in their life that they need growth in. I personally – from the moment they walk in the door – I am listening to them – because most people are identifying their own weaknesses through their speech. So, I listen to the person, where they are buying into their limited beliefs or where they’re getting in their own way. During this initial session, they’ll let me know where their life is lacking. Because usually, where they’re focused on is typically the last place their growth is going to come from.

Everybody wants more money, but what he or she really wants is to find something they’re excited about doing, a way to serve the community. People think they want money, they think they want a relationship, a big house, a faster car. What they really want, alcoholics that is, (because they are a big portion of my business) they want peace of mind. Alcoholics are restless, irritable and extremely discontent with what is – so the greatest way I serve them as a coach is to illuminate, highlight and share with them – that right where they are is the perfect place for them to be.

Most of the time what they are resisting or fighting against – just as they fought against drugs and alcohol – they’re fighting against the life circumstances that are right in front of them.


How has sobriety changed for you over the years?


Everything changes one day at a time. Almost 25 years later, nothing in my life is like it was at year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I’m participating in businesses that I never knew existed during my first few years of sobriety. During those first years I would’ve said, “I need a better marketing person to promote me, I need this, I need that.” The bottom line is that I don’t need anything other than to keep going deeper into the 12 steps.

I really don’t need anything but to go deeper into the program of Alcoholics Anonymous as it’s laid out in the Big Book – not as it’s laid out in personal opinions and other beliefs. As it’s laid out in the Big Book, the deeper and deeper I can go into the program, the answers manifest in my outer life. The program is a foundation in which to then leap into the world. And when I am in the world, the program then becomes the foundation to be in the world as a harmonious, happy person.   And for that I advocate working on the Traditions, so I understand my relationship in my family and community. Also, working on the Concepts, so that I am able to understand how to be of service to the businesses where I am working, to the client who I am serving. The Concepts outline how to be of service in a business environment – so I am not taking, taking, taking – I am trying to give everyday – to a client – to the various people I work with – in all my business situations.


How does AA work in your life?


Sobriety has changed completely for me – 24 years and eight months later – even in how I deal with AA. When I am in AA I am completely focused on solution and staying with people (I hate to say with the “winners”) who are actively working the program themselves. I don’t suffer dry drunks very well, I don’t suffer people’s opinions that well in the program, I don’t even waste my time at too many social meetings – that’s just me – I’m not a big social meeting guy.

I didn’t go to AA to meet people, especially alcoholics (he’s laughing). I didn’t go to AA to make contacts, I didn’t go to AA to date, I went to AA because I needed help with the repetitive behavior of getting in my own way and I needed AA to help me with the fellowship and to put down drinking – which is a third generational challenge in my family. But again, I didn’t go to AA to look good, to roll up in a nice car, to win friends or influence people. That’s not why I’m there. I’m there to share my experience, hear where other people are at, grow from that experience and get my challenges off my chest, so that I can go out and live happy, joyous and free – where I live – which is inside me. I don’t live inside you or anybody else, if I feel happy, joyous and free inside then I can go into the world and endure people’s judgments of me, people’s misperceptions, I can endure what the world throws at me and wash it off and toss it off my back.

So that’s how it works for me. I’m active in the fellowship, active in the program itself and always aware, acutely aware that sobriety doesn’t stop and that my growth and development depends upon my expanding my spiritual condition. And expanding being of service to other people. And expanding my ability to operate in the world.

I can’t, I won’t…allow myself to shrink at any moment.


To learn more about Howard and his services, visit his website www.howardlockie.com.


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