Primary Treatment


What is Primary Treatment?

Primary treatment refers to the initial treatment an individual receives prior to entering a sober living or aftercare facility. Generally, primary treatment refers to alcohol and drug rehab centers or wilderness therapy programs.

How Long is Primary Drug Treatment?

Length of stay at a primary treatment program usually ranges from 30-90 days. Many primary treatment centers provide detoxification services as part of their program. Once detoxification is complete, these centers utilize therapeutic tools to help ensure the client’s needs are met. Through various treatment models they help the individual to address the psychological issues underlying substance abuse.

Primary Treatment

Wilderness Therapy Programs

Wilderness therapy programs can be a highly effective starting point or introduction to the recovery process. Aside from being physically separated from one’s old environment, wilderness therapy programs are mostly peer-based and provide a safe and ideal setting to build self esteem and gain self-insight through the recovery process.


Coupled with outdoor activities, clients in wilderness therapy programs work with highly trained staff members and counselors to address their issues surrounding alcohol and drug abuse. By utilizing the outdoors and through a series of exercises, wilderness therapy helps motivate an individual towards their recovery by helping them better process and learn healthy life skills.


Wilderness therapy programs are not meant to be consequential nor are all wilderness programs strictly for juveniles. Wilderness therapy and wilderness boot camp are different philosophies and approaches towards healthy living.

Inpatient Rehab Centers

Alcohol and drug rehab centers were originally short-term programs (28-days) and focused heavily on behavioral modification. Since then, the understanding of addiction and substance abuse has advanced significantly. New treatment models and recovery philosophies have been proven to help further an individual’s recovery process. These days, most drug rehab centers implement a more clinical-based approach to drug treatment.

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