Outpatient Drug Rehab


What is Outpatient Drug Rehab?

Outpatient drug rehab is among the current trends in treatment for addicted youth. Working in the field of young people and addiction, our recovery community often sees IOP as a great education for the family’s introduction to the disease of addiction and it’s treatment, and a first-step outline of recovery for the young addict.

Outpatient Drug Treatment is Centered Around Information and Education

IOP (Intensive Outpatient) is a good formula for underage youth who are still living in their parent’s homes. Family’s find outpatient drug rehab a valuable education about addiction, the unmanageability that the disease exacerbates in the daily living choices and behaviors of young people and what is necessary for real recovery. Families discover that IOP is a primer for what should come next, a recovery community.

outpatient drug rehab

Recovery for Youth Demands a Longer Term Recovery Community

An outpatient program is the perfect introduction to living life free of drugs and alcohol but it’s really just the first step. Many times, especially with youth and their impulsivity challenges, comparison issues, fear of missing out and shorter attention spans, putting them into outpatient drug rehab and expecting them to retain the information forever, replace negative relationships and make healthy, sober choices sober isn’t practical or realistic.


The natural process that gets to the root of why youth are abusing drugs and alcohol is life in a recovery community after outpatient drug rehab. These communities are gender and age specific and structured. They allow the needed time to create a lifestyle change sufficient enough to last with new friends.

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New Life House recovery community specializes in helping young men achieve sobriety. We teach house members how to acknowledge and deal with the real issues behind their drug use and negative behaviors. By providing age-specific homes, New Life House creates a positive, supportive peer group that is based on respect, honesty, integrity, and empathy. Ultimately, New Life House teaches its house members how to live responsible, mature, productive, and sober lives.

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