OSU Parade Crash: Another Alleged Alcohol Related Tragedy

OSU Parade Crash: Another Alleged Alcohol Related Tragedy


The Oklahoma State Homecoming parade turned into a tragedy when a driver plowed her vehicle into a crowd of parade bystanders.



There have been four fatalities and dozens of others were injured.The four victims killed were a toddler, a graduate student and a married couple. Adacia Chambers, the 25-year-old woman accused of driving under the influence, has been taken into custody and is facing murder chargers. This tragedy is yet another horrible example of the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.

It remains unknown whether the driver drove into the crowd willingly or what her mental state was prior to the accident. It has been speculated that she may be suffering from mental illness, reports of possible drug use, suicidal ideation and insomnia have been reported but her mental state has not been confirmed. What we do know is that driving under the influence remains a pressing issue affecting the safety of people in society today. This horrific tragedy is one of many incidents of driving under the influence that often result in fatalities.


DUI Statistics


According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.):
– the rate of drunk driving is highest among 21 to 25 year olds
– a person is injured in a drunk driving crash every 2 minutes
– 28 people die every day in America due to a drunk driving crash
– an average drunk driver has driven 80 times before their first arrest
– one-third of all drivers arrested or convicted of drunk-driving are repeat offenders


Dangers of Drinking and Driving


Unfortunately, despite the known risks of driving under the influence and consequences associated with driving under the influence, it remains a huge issue in society today. Some driving under the influence convictions remain an isolated incident for that individual, a poorly made one-time decision to drive after too many alcoholic beverages. For others, that conviction may be a sign of a deep-rooted issue. Again, the mental state of the driver involved in the Oklahoma State Homecoming parade remains unknown at this time, warning signs displayed may have been able to prevent this horrific tragedy. Addiction is a serious disease that threatens the livelihood of the individual suffering from it. Unfortunately, this disease can also endanger the lives of innocent victims. It is imperative that if you are concerned about yourself or a loved one’s drinking or substance abuse you seek help. Seeking help can prevent another tragedy from occurring. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Oklahoma community.