Now My Son Has A Chance To Be Successful

I am so happy that my son was able to be a part of the New Life Program.  I remember dropping my son off at this program and praying that he would stay and commit to working hard for his sobriety.  I was so tired and angry with him, that I did not see or speak to him for a month.  I let the New Life Program take charge.  The supervisors were eager to speak with me if I had concerns, input, or questions.  Each time I saw my son at the family bar-be-ques, I was thrilled to see changes in him.  He looked better, he spoke more coherent and he was pleasant.  At the beginning, he had a supporter, someone in the house longer than him, who would sit with us and make sure he spoke appropriately to me.  There were some rough patches, but the New Life Program never gave up on him.  They continued to talk to him, encourage him, and gave him exercises to build his confidence.

By attending this program, my son has his life back.  He is sober, he has a job, he’s learning how to manage his money, he attends AA meetings, he mentors the new residents, he has friends, and he has a great attitude towards life.  My life, as his mother has also changed.  I am less stressed now and I sleep better.  I am able to focus on my own life and activities.  When I am with my son, I can enjoy his company.  He is a grown man, and he has to take responsibility for himself.  I will always support my son emotionally but he now has the tools to make his own decisions.  He also has a support system with all the guys in the program as well as with the other graduates.  The New Life Program saved my son and he now has a chance to be successful in life.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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