New Life Saved My Son

New Life Saved My Son

The day I asked my son, “what is this?! I can’t help you if you don’t tell me? Do you want me to tell you what the cops said it is?” With tears falling from my eyes…He said with some relief “Heroin.” I can’t tell you the pain of the spear that pierced my heart!!! And I said over and over How could you do that! That shit has historically been a grave maker drug! OMG! Son! This is bigger than you son, it’s bigger than the both of us!

Most people turn to God when life turns on you. That’s exactly what we did!

My wife was on one laptop and I was on the other, Googling!

I was on google typing “What is the best rehab for heroine” our son has never been to any 12 step program. If you’re reading this then you know what I’m saying. When I say it’s a 50/50 chance. On those places, one review has a pro and the very next one has a con.

We were putting it in God’s hands. I started Calling…I was thinking, I have no idea what this would cost? But I have a job and I do ok…so I thought.

I was shocked! Anyways, I talked to a guy at one of those high end places. He asked where I live. I said Bakersfield, CA! He said there is a sober living in Torrance California That is getting nationwide attention. He said you may want to give them a call.

At this point we had to make a decision! I called New Life House… I asked God to open the door for us or slam it shut! I can’t tell you how everything just fell into place. New Life called around so we could get him into a detox. They found a spot in 2 days; the longest days of my life. I remember my son telling me he go through withdrawals by himself..  I went with it… 1 ½ days out of town for work. I was completely overwhelmed in my thoughts of my son. My wife called around and was told that Ryan would have a horrible time detoxing off heroin. I knew at that point he used drugs again. I told my work that I had to go. I asked my son if he made it through that night. He said no.

I called New Life back! They said they found a detox for tomorrow. I told my wife and son that we got a spot! While brushing my teeth that afternoon, my wife screams, “Ryan took off in his truck, we got a runner!” After a high speed chase in our neighborhood, we caught him crying, “Dad I just don’t know what to do?” We left town, drove to L.A without knowing anything final. We got a hotel for the night. He thought it was just detox…I told him he has to commit to 90 days. He was upset to say the least! I was not taking no for an answer, and told him he goes or the hotel would kick him out tomorrow, I was going home!

He took this deal! New Life House picked him up! 15 months later….We have been to a lot of meetings at New Life, met lots of parents who’s kids have been through 5,6, or even 7 homes and this one is doing something right.

Our time around New Life has changed our son as well as changed the dynamic of our family.

These kids lean on each other, give constructive criticism, say it like it is, and love each other. It’s crazy! We love New Life House! They helped save my son’s life and I will always be proud to say my son went to New Life!

New Life House was God sent
Brett Garcia

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