Goals In Al-Anon For The New Year | New Life Mother

Goals In Al-Anon For The New Year | New Life Mother

Goals In Al-Anon For The New Year | New Life Mother

Over a year ago, after attending a variety of Al-Anon meetings, I found my Al-Anon “home meeting”. Now that I’m a regular attendee, I’ve been fortunate to make some new friends while adopting the principles of Al-Anon into my everyday life. I would like to take time in this new year to make some commitments to myself so that I can continue to grow in this program. Looking at 2017, there are three words that surround my goals in Al-Anon:  Priority, People, and Commitment.


On the date and time of the weekly Al-Anon meeting, I clear the calendar for that morning. My appointments, social engagements and chores are scheduled around my allotted time for Al-Anon. I love to arrive a little early, find a seat up close, chat with a neighbor or just be silent, smell the coffee brewing, and prepare myself to be present and listen to the speaker. There is a warmth and familiarity which I’ve come to embrace.


At my Al-Anon meeting, my community of people includes mentors who have not only achieved wisdom and turn around and help others with advice, but also help newcomers correct the course. There are the mentees who are seeing others succeed in serenity and gaining the realization that it’s possible for them. Our community knows that we can be honest with one another. We are not fake; we can be sad; we can be funny; we accept the joy of good news.


Today, my son is a recent graduate of New Life House, and I’m so grateful to the staff and friends at NLH. I want to give back the way other parents of addicted loved ones have given to me, by reaching out to help another mom whose son or daughter is in active addiction and share my experience of recovery in the same way that I was blessed by others.

New Life House Alumni Mom

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