New Life House South Bay Camping Trip!

New Life House South Bay recently took the guys to Idyllwild, CA for their highly anticipated annual camping trip! Including the graduates, there were over 100 people in attendance for New Life House South Bay’s camping trip! The camping trip is an experience the guys have been talking about since the previous year. The alumni and senior members of New Life House hold the camping trip in high regard as a time that really exemplifies what it means to be young, sober, and part of a loving and special tight-knit community.


The camping trip this year was awesome! We had over 100 guys including the graduates up in the mountains with us, playing sports and having a blast! Being there with all the guys really puts things into perspective and reminds me of the gifts that I have been given from the program.

The guys took their recovery with them up to the mountains for a great time away from the distractions and daily-life back in the city. The wilderness provides a neutral context to create a community based on essential fundamentals of human community: trust, honor, integrity, effort, authenticity, and compassion. The camping trip is a time where those who have been part of our community share their experience, strength, and hope in sobriety with others that are new. They relay the energy and enthusiasm they have for recovery and for life to the new guys through late night conversations, hiking, and just spending time with one another in the outdoors. Many regard the camping trip as the point where they cemented their commitment to staying sober and changing their way of life. Newer members generally leave with a new found gratitude and passion for their lives and stories to share with those who will come after them.

This year’s camping trip was a lot of fun. The graduates and house members participated in a number of activities that were on-site at the campground. They played horseshoes, volley ball, basketball and even human foosball! It was great to see the guys strengthening bonds with each other and having fun in sobriety! It is a tradition, a legacy, and a pastime of New Life House that exemplifies what real recovery and real sobriety means for young men.

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