Frequently Asked Questions about New Life House

I'm overwhelmed and confused with all of the information on detox, rehab and sober living. How do I know which programs or treatment are needed?
There are many types of detox’s and rehabilitation programs available as treatment does not fall under a “one size fits all” category. Matching the needs of the individual to the appropriate program plays a large role in long-term success and sobriety. Contact us for a complementary assessment to assist you in making this decision.
How long does a consultation assessment call usually take?
A typical call will take approximately 45 minutes.
What is discussed during the assessment call?
In order to best help you, we need an accurate picture of the behavioral issues that are being dealt with and at what stage of alcohol and/or drug addiction the individual is at. We will ask questions to fully assess the situation and may suggest detox’s, wilderness programs, in-patient rehab, or sober livings based on the information you provide. Based on our years of experience, we will provide you with a recovery strategy to start you or your loved one on the journey to a new life.
What does the term “structured sober living” mean?
Structured sober living means that we are involved with your loved one every step of the way. We maintain set schedules, have in-house mandatory meetings, meditations, 24/7 support and camaraderie, work and school guidance, and basically “run a tight ship”! Some sober livings may be more lax and merely serve as a house that an individual will live in to transition into the “real” world again.
I am concerned that I will not be able to convince my loved one to get sober. Can you help?
Often times when an individual is in the midst of their addiction, it is impossible for them to see how negatively their life and the lives of those around them are impacted by their poor choices. They may be in denial about how severe their drug, alcohol, and behavioral problems really are, and may not be willing to get help. We have dealt with this over the years and have plenty of advice for you. Call us so that we can discuss what your leverage can be; do you pay for their car, education, rent? Are they on probation? Have they stolen from you? All of these things are taken into consideration and we will help you to devise a plan so that getting help is possible.
Is there a minimum time commitment for the New Life Houses?
We have found that “programs” don’t work, but lifestyle changes do. Such a radical shift in thinking and changes in learned behavior requires a minimum commitment of 90 days.
What happens when one of the New Life House members graduates?
When one of our house members graduates, we organize our graduates (generally into groups of three) so that they move out at the same time into a house or apartment in the surrounding area. Living together during this transitional period back into the “real” world allows each graduate to spread their wings but still have the built-in, positive peer support which they had while in New Life House. The close proximity of their apartments or homes to our New Life Houses also allows them to continue to come to the staff for needed support.

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