New Life House Alumni, Rory A.

The energy and emotion that we deposit into the men at New Life House can be emotionally draining at times.  But New Life House alumni, like Rory, continue to motivate us!

So what keeps me motivated after working in recovery for over decade? Witnessing the transformation these men experience. Men who were once lost in life with no direction; who are now goal-oriented and motivated towards healthy living in recovery. New Life House alumni, like Rory.

I believe that if an individual is going to stay sober, recovery needs to be more attractive than what one’s previous lifestyle was; ultimately, he/or she needs to feel good about who they are and where their life is headed. So how does an individual begin to “feel good”? By living in a way that he/she can feel good about!

This requires a change in perception, attitude, character and behavior. Recovery is a lifestyle change. As these changes begin to take place and an individual learns healthy ways to deal with and address situations, their life naturally progresses in recovery. Drinking and using becomes less attractive when it represents “cashing in your chips of a new life” for a drink or a drug. This is when I feel “getting loaded” becomes “relapsing”.

At New Life House, we use the term “real recovery” to describe the internal transformations that take place within an individual. New Life House alumni like Rory are testaments that young men can achieve happiness and success in their recovery.

We are incredibly proud of Rory and the other New Life House alumni for their commitment and dedication to their recovery.

*Shortly after this doing this interview with us, Rory was accepted to California State University, Long Beach. Congratulations Rory!

  • Debbie O-A
    Posted at 14:34h, 07 October Reply

    What an awesome testimonial from an incredible young man, living a life of joyful sobriety. It’s a privilege to witness the growth in Rory, even from afar. It is clear that for Rory, living in sobriety allows him to dream and have goals that seemed unattainable before. Congratulations Rory, and thank you Avi! Love these testimonials!

    • Avi Satz
      Posted at 15:35h, 07 October Reply

      Thanks Debbie! Rory is a great example of living sober! You can count on more testimonials as there is always life to celebrate in recovery!

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