New Families

New Life House is an established recovery community with over thirty years of demonstrated evidence guiding young men ages 18-32 years old to realizing long lasting sobriety and a purpose-filled life.

Why We’re Different

New Life House believes that a strong community aspect is crucial to allow young people to get sober.

We help our residents get to the causes and conditions that prevent them from living life on life’s terms. By building a strong foundation and focusing on internal work, we help young men discover themselves and rejoin life.

24/7 Support
Comprehensive Structure
In-House Meetings
Elimination of Distractions
12 Step Meetings
Positive Peer Collaboration

Why We Work

Our widespread recovery community alumni sustain the fellowship of newer men who have placed their confidence in New Life House. By creating a community-based sober living environment composed of house members, alumni, friends, families, and other sober companions, the transition from rehab into a sustainable clean and sober living way of life is made more achievable. Through unity, recovery and service…to each other, our recovery community, our families and the world…we are committed to the process of living life fully present. Together, we fight addiction and work for a world where our fight is no longer necessary and no one struggling with substance abuse finds oneself alone.


our strength is in our results

Prosperity is Our Gauge

At New Life House, we claim the prosperity of the young men who complete their stay here rather than statistics. We don’t feel we can take responsibility for someone’s relapse, and it would be misleading to take responsibility for his sobriety. This is something that sets us apart from other sober living environments, and something we pride ourselves on. Our established community boasts our success more than percentages ever will. We invite you over to get a glimpse first hand at how this happens at New Life House.

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