My Alcoholic Holidays | Sobriety Success

Over the last few years, a holiday that used to hold great meaning and importance to me became just another day. Christmas day itself was just as much another drug-induced haze as any other. In 2015, it was particularly difficult to be present not only mentally but physically. From the beginning of December, I had not been living at home and I was often truant from school because my addiction brought me elsewhere. I remember coming home on the 23rd of that month and by the 31st I had worn out my welcome. My home was no longer my home and the relationships with my family had become nearly unsalvageable. It was no more than a few weeks following this occurrence that I was reaching my lowest once more and finally sought help again. I arrived at New Life in April of this year and have not felt as if what I am doing here is anything but life changing. I am delighted to spend time with my family this year and I am confident that they are too. Now that I have a far better understanding of what it means to be grateful I think I can properly appreciate a holiday like this the same as I did years ago when I was much younger. A lot of things have changed for me in the last year and if what is to come will be anything like what I have been experiencing since April then I see no reason to look back.

Last Updated on May 24, 2022


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