Mom and Son

A Mother’s Love And Her Son’s Recovery From Addiction

A Mother’s Love And Her Son’s Recovery From Addiction


Wow!  What a journey this has been!

Christmas day 2014, we were in the ER with our 17-year-old son who had overdosed on alcohol and Xanax.  From there, it was a week in the psych ward, a month in detox, then New Life House went and picked him up.  Now, 1 year and 10 months later, here we are visiting him at his new apartment.  He is sober, he has wonderful friends, he has a job and he is attending college.  New Life House has helped our son move from a very insecure, unhappy boy into a strong, confident, happy young man.  New Life has given Kelly so much more than sobriety.  He now has a relationship with God, stronger friendships than he has ever known, and the confidence to not only handle life’s challenges as they come along, but also the ability to really enjoy life in a healthy, spiritually nourishing way. Incredible! The gifts our son has received and the new strength and healing our family has received from our experience at New Life House has given us a healthy son and a much healthier and happier family.  We are eternally grateful to God, to New Life and to all of the other New Life families who have blessed us on this incredible journey of recovery!

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