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The Road To Recovery | A Mom’s Story Of Resilience And Hope

The Road To Recovery | A Mom’s Story Of Resilience And Hope

I want to start by saying how truly grateful I am to New Life House! You have given my son a new chance at life. My son was always full of life – a generous, kind and loving child. Growing up he always helped the underdog. He was extremely giving and unselfish. However, he did have his challenges. He felt as if he didn’t fit in with his peers. At an early age, he was diagnosed with ADHD. He was in some type of therapy since the age of three. We changed his middle school and it seemed he was adjusting and doing well. But by the time he started high school, things started getting unmanageable. At the same time, we lost our family business, which was devastating for the entire family. My son began using drugs as a coping mechanism. This is when our entire family spun out of control.

We sent our son to several different sober living facilities as well as a wilderness program and even boarding school! At this same time, I was using alcohol to cope with my pain. It is hypocritical and selfish for a mother trying to tell her son to get on the right path and not use drugs when I myself was self-medicating. There is so much guilt there. I loved my son to death. Except I couldn’t give up drinking.

I am a sober mother now and extremely grateful. My son continued using and suffered enormous consequences. But that still wasn’t enough for him. The disease of alcohol and addiction is so powerful that you can’t stop on your own. Finally, he was willing and desperate enough and we found New Life House. They have given my family and me our son back. He is sober 13 months and living a full, meaningful life. His story is truly a miracle and I have so much gratitude for the program of recovery New Life House has to offer. My son is now the man I knew he was meant to be. A loving and giving son, brother, grandson, and friend. His story will help so many other young people. Our family is whole again. Thank you New Life House. I am very grateful you have given my son a new way to live and a new life!

Alumni mother – Laura S

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