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Molly Overdose- Two Concert-goers Die from MDMA

Early July, we released an article on “molly,” the MDMA party drug that is sweeping the young pop culture scene. Noticing its growing popularity, we reported the make-up of the drug, the culture associated with it, and the risk of abusing it. Though the reported death-toll of molly abuse was low, 2 more deaths were added over this labor day weekend.

The third and final day of New York’s Electronic Zoo music festival was cancelled due to two concert-goers deaths caused by molly overdoses.  Olivia Rotondo, 20, and Jeffery Russ, 23, both passed away from molly overdoses. At least four others were also hospitalized due to MDMA-related causes. Molly can produce elevated heart rates and distortion of thought processes, causing users not to realize their rising body temperature or fading stamina as they continue to party. It targets a user’s brain with neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine, making them feel elated, and energetic. Especially when combined with other drugs, MDMA side effects can become severely dangerous or fatal.

The Electronic Zoo musical festival is the ideal scene to find the party drug. This three day non-stop electronic dance festival (or rave), is part of a musical culture where young men and women party. Alcohol, marijuana, and psychedelics are guaranteed to be accompany some attendees.

Molly, an ingestible version of MDMA or ecstasy has been promoted by both artists and their fans. Last year at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival, Madonna approached the stage and asked, “How many people in this crowd have seen Molly?” A thunderous cheer radiated through the audience.  Hip-hop artists seem to know Molly well too. Mentioned by 2 Chainz in the Nicki Minaj track “Beez In the Trap,” by Kanye West in “Mercy,” by Danny Brown in “Die Like a Rockstar.” Even Miley Cyrus is familiar with Molly referencing the drug, in the line “We like to party, dancing with molly” in her son, “We Can’t Stop.

Even after two recent deaths, you can bet dollars to doughnuts that molly abuse won’t change in the slightest. There is no responsible use of this psychedelic drug, it’s a dangerous drug associated by a carefree culture of partying and drug abuse. With posters and signs plastered at concerts asking, “have you seen Molly?” You can rest assure she’s somewhere in the crowd.

Read CNN’s coverage of Molly “There’s Something (potentially dangerous) About Molly”

At New Life House, sober living for men, we have noticed an increase of young men that have abused molly prior to entering. Their experience was that using party drugs such as molly and ecstasy developed into long-term drug abuse that continued outside of the party scene. As their addiction progressed, their lifestyles and relationships continued to get worse. These self-deafeating behaviors ultimately led them to seeking drug treatment at a young age.  While participating in the New Life House sober living, the young men learn how to live healthy and productive lives free from alcohol and drug addiction. Contact New Life House for more information on sober living for young men.

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