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Molly is an increasingly popular drug, especially in pop culture. Artists and celebrities constantly reference the drug in their songs and films. Many make it out to sound like an exciting party drug, but underneath that is a world of danger. Molly is the “in” drug of the party crowd. It is a dangerous and highly addictive substance that can ruin someone’s life. 

As it turns out, most people already know what Molly is. Despite its rebranding, molly is a well-known party drug called ecstasy. Under either name, or any other new titles drug dealers come up with, molly is highly addictive and illegal. If your son or loved one is a frequent party goer, or part of the hip-hop and pop club culture, the chances he’s been exposed to molly are unfortunately high. 

The good news is that there is help. If you believe a young man in your life is addicted to ecstasy, our sober living facility at New Life House can help. Learn more about molly, its effects, and our community below. 

What is Molly? 

Molly is a type of “designer” or “party” pill distributed by drug dealers in the party, music, and rave scenes. They are especially popular in younger crowds. The pills go by many different names. They have also been called ecstasy, thizz, E, and X. Any one of these names, and even some other more obscure titles, could all refer to the same drug. They are known for the euphoric high they cause, which stems from the active chemical in molly called MDMA. 

MDMA stands for methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Though the mortality rates for this drug are somewhat low in comparison to other illegal street drugs, it is still dangerous and highly addictive. Someone using ecstasy will likely live, but the physical and mental effects it can have on a person can be long-lasting. Even the lifestyle surrounding the substance, and the erratic behavior or judgmental errors can be dangerous.

Despite the low mortality rate, there have been cases of overdosing on molly. Many of these are caused by the presence of adulterants and additives used to enhance the effects of the drug. Not long ago, two concert goers, both in their early twenties, died from overdosing on MDMA. The deaths occurred at New York’s Electronic Zoo festival. The final day of the event was cancelled after the overdoses occurred. Even though the drug is extremely popular in the music community, it presents as much of a danger as any other drug. It’s important to know what Molly is and how it can affect someone’s life. 

If you suspect your loved one might be involved with Molly, it’s important to help them as soon as you realize there’s a problem. It’s far too easy to let someone using MDMA slip through the cracks, but New Life House knows all about ecstasy and how to help. 

Is There a Difference Between Molly and Ecstasy? 

For the most part, no. Molly and ecstasy are both slang terms for MDMA. There are different “versions” of both of these, as you can sometimes find pure MDMA or versions cut with other drugs. Molly “laced” with other drugs is very common, and even marijuana laced with molly has become popular, too. At its core, though, molly and ecstasy are essentially the same. By either name, MDMA is still addictive and potentially dangerous. 

At New Life House, there has been a significant increase in recent years of young men coming in with prior experiences with ecstasy. Knowing the signs, and when to get help could mean the difference between a normal life and a miserable one – or even death – for your loved one. We can help. 

How is Molly Used? 

In many circles, ecstasy – or molly – has been referred to as the “love drug”. It can alter the user’s perception when taken. The primary target of MDMA, molly’s active ingredient, is serotonin. Serotonin is one of the brain’s most important neurotransmitters, as it regulates mood, learning, and memory. It also increases dopamine levels temporarily. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure and reward-driven learning. Basically, what molly does is overload the brain with serotonin. During the high, the user experiences emotional openness, euphoria, and a heightened sensitivity to the senses. Everything from touch to sound is sharpened. 

When the drug wears off, the crash can be catastrophic. For longtime users, this is where the addiction happens. The crash is a result of the brain struggling to restart making its own serotonin, since the drug was providing it instead. After a few uses, the brain could become significantly altered and unable to support adequate serotonin creation. 

Most of the time, Molly exists in the form of a pill. In some cases, it can also be inhaled or snorted. When taken by pill, it usually takes effect within an hour. When snorted, it happens much faster. The high can last several hours, and is prolonged by ingesting more. In the end, most people take molly for the euphoria they experience. The comedown, though, can take a hard toll. 

Ecstasy is wildly commonplace at parties, especially amongst younger adults. Anyone could be exposed to it. New Life House knows how easy it is to encounter molly. Our experts also know how hard it can be to live without it. Our sober living facility has everything to help get former users back on track. 

What Makes MDMA Addictive? 

The feeling that MDMA evokes can be addicting in itself. The overwhelming joy, intimacy, and the heightened senses are a pleasant trip for many people. The danger comes when your body no longer produces the chemicals naturally that the drug mimics. Without serotonin, you feel tired, irritable, emotionally unstable, and forgetful. After prolonged or repeated usage of ecstasy, you might rely on the drug more and more to feel pleasure. 

While MDMA does not necessarily present a physical danger, it is a mental one. The consequences of over usage or overdose can be terrible or even fatal. If you believe your son or loved one is at risk for MDMA addiction, New Life House has the resources and experience to help. 

Why Do People Start Abusing Molly? 

One of the main reasons people end up abusing MDMA is peer pressure. With molly so prevalent in pop culture, young people feel pressure to be “cool” and fit in. Many songs and films say positive things about the drug, or experiences because of it. Younger generations are subjected to persistent influences and can easily subscribe to beliefs that are pushed upon them. Eventually, with enough exposure, they give in to the temptation. 

After the drug has been used once, it is easy to become addicted. The “happiness” the drug provides is addicting in itself. It’s also far too accessible in major clubs and raves. Like the two who overdosed at the Electric Zoo festival, the ease of access has serious consequences. 

Unfortunately, peer pressure is far too common. Molly itself is also too simple to find. With these two factors alone, young men have ample opportunity to access the drug. From there, molly abuse is only a few steps away. Places like New Life House can help cope with the addiction and learn to live without it. 

What Are the Symptoms and Side Effects of Using Molly? 

The initial effects of ecstasy all sound so positive. The reality is that repeated use of the drug is detrimental to your well-being. After prolonged exposure, the most common symptom of molly is depression. The brain cannot maintain its own serotonin levels any more, so mood levels are quite low. People also experience trouble sleeping or insomnia. Serotonin is an important part of getting a good night’s rest. 

Loss of appetite and concentration problems are also associated with over usage of MDMA. Some studies indicated that it can cause brain damage if used over a few years. It’s also associated with risky behavior, especially of the sexual variety. With molly so prevalent among younger crowds, this is a frightening statistic. 

Many common side effects are actually due to MDMA interacting with other drugs in the system. Still, the effects of MDMA are quite clear. The euphoria and heightened senses can only last so long. Once those are gone or no longer have any effect, the user is left with only sadness and potential dangers. At New Life House, we help young men cope with this feeling, and get their life back on track. 

How Can I Tell If Someone is Addicted to Molly? 

Everyone reacts to drugs differently. This is also true of MDMA. However, there are some signs to watch for if there is a suspected addiction. Here are just a few things that could indicate an ecstasy issue. 

  • Depression, especially sudden onset
  • Nausea
  • Jaw clenching
  • High blood pressure
  • Sleep problems
  • Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating or overheating
  • Risky behavior, especially sexual
  • Forgetfulness 

Molly is especially dangerous when used with other drugs. Those symptoms could manifest in an entirely different way. If your son or loved one is exhibiting increasingly out of character behavior, it may be time to seek help. If you confirm a molly addiction, the best option is to seek help and guidance for you and your loved one. 

At our sober living facility, we help both former addicts and their families rebuild their lives. 

How Does Someone Detox From MDMA? 

Like with most drugs, ecstasy withdrawal can be difficult and stressful. Most experts recommend seeking professional help. Without proper guidance, it can be too easy to slip back into addiction. Withdrawal symptoms and length varies by person and situation. It’s nearly impossible to give a definite answer to withdrawal and detox situations. Here is an average timeline of withdrawal and detox. 

  • Days 1 through 3 

Withdrawal starts within only a few days of quitting molly. The first sign will be mood swings, irritability, and anxiety. Insomnia and depression are also common in the initial stages. Loss of appetite and exhaustion can aggravate other symptoms, as well.

  • Days 4 through 10 

Some of the signs will diminish after the first week. The more prevalent problems, like depression and insomnia, will likely continue for a few more days of weeks. These are the most affected by serotonin. Since MDMA targets serotonin, it only makes sense that these will be the lasting effects.

  • Days 11 and onward 

The most severe issue will be depression as the brain tries to cope with the loss of serotonin. It will begin trying to manufacture its own again, and that can be difficult or take time. Cravings, insomnia, and memory problems also tend to last for a few weeks. Eventually, most symptoms fade. It depends on the severity and frequency of use. 

Addicts and their loved ones can choose between inpatient and outpatient for medical detoxing. Inpatient means they will be in a rehab center, most likely, and will be monitored daily. Outpatient typically involves therapy and psychiatric oversight. The former user will then have to attend subsequent visits to keep the detox on track. Either way, medical help is recommended to decrease the likelihood of a relapse. 

If you or your loved one has gone through detox, contact New Life House to learn how we can help people start their sober living journey. 

Molly Addiction Treatment Torrance, California

If your son, brother, or another young man you know is suffering because of molly, New Life House can help. For men ages 18-32, we are a recovery facility for those in the aftermath of detoxing. Getting free from drugs is not easy and doesn’t stop at conquering withdrawal. Most families know that relationships suffer when someone is an addict. This is true of molly, too. 

Our sober living community helps young men get back on their feet. While participating in the New Life House programs, they will learn how to live a happy and healthy life free from drugs. Addiction does not have to be the end of the road. 

For more information about sober living at New Life House, contact us today.


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